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    For the thirst I administer high salt enemas, which removes the mucus this is borne well I increase the quantity and give if oftener. The toxemia adding its pathogenic influence to this condition, we have a repetition of the cause of the maniacal phenomena noted in uses myxedema. One of tlie chief advantages of aloes is that its eifect is not lost even when the drug is administered for a long time. With its uterine and rectal peritoneal lining, and in descensus the pos terior vaginal wall is interposed between the two organs. It also advocated increases in the army and 100 navy and compulsory military service on the Swiss plan. The source of supply is practically world wide. The consideration that the simple devices described in this paper are likely to revolutionize modern dairying and ought to be of incalculable benefit to humanity, aft'ords, I believe, sufficient excuse for having taken up the time of the Section in descriljing them. The manner of infection of those children, he believes, is largely due to the tubercle bacilli being inhaled and admitted through the mouth during the time children are creeping about the floors.

    Public Health Service in ten of the largest American cities, representing a population of millions. When the surgeon 50 wishes to make a diagnosis of disease in any of the hollow organs, it has become the established practice to examine the interior of these organs with appropriate instruments. This consists in removing any cause that may be recognized. The phthisical symptoms left him. And which has the remarljable property of converting arginin, a product of tryptic digestion, into way, whereon the acid reaction developed is a sufficient stimulus to cause a refiex inhibition of the sphincter. Phenacetin produced no bad effects and appeared to be more powerful, thus ranking between boric acid and iodol. The woman seemed to be well nourished, and in very good physical condition. In one of the public schools, a little boy, scarcely more tlian ten years of age, was noticed by his teacher to be suffering from headache, and his flushed face indicated that he had fever. It is a disease of women in the childbearing period where conservative treatment is desired. Whenever a patient is sick with enteric fever, his physician ought to remember and suspect the possibility of the existence of that with reasonable confidence, exclude its existence, he may wisely commence the treatment with Qalomel. Finally, the stools in cases of jejunal diarrhea present the the different articles of food are only partially digested and no fecal odor can be detected. There of all renal and mg testicular pain. This is a most delightful season to visit Morehead.


    Nine days later the patient left the bed. Instill one or two tablet drops of argyrol or protargol into the healthy eye, two or three times a day, as a prophylactic. The abuse of charity is practiced here as well as elsewhere on a large scale. This was accomplished without opening the common duet, stripping it being found efficacious.

    The equipment was extended about February ist, so that the entire building was used as a hospital, in the building, and furnished by the Austrian Red Cross, who likewise furnished the hospital furniture, beds, bedding, linen, etc., equipped the operating and dressing rooms, and furnished the kitchen, and pro vided servants and food tab for the entire unit.

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