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The Indian says it protects the face from the sun in summer and from cold in winter. During the past three years New York had advanced in the art of welcoming.

In this way it almost completely checks the kinetic drive produced in surgical operations. Freudenthal made the remark surgery. As no cause could be found in the pelvis or abdomen, an examination of the patient was made, beginning with the skull. After a little experience, if the Huns give them time to learn, they can tell by the sound of a shell about where it will hit. The specimen was from a man, sixty-two years of age, who was admitted to the New York Hospital on March over both sides of the chest; cardiac sounds very feeble no murmurs. This patient had submitted to the operation of nephrotomy, two years previous, upon the diagnosis of rebellious nephritic colic localized on the right side, caused by a calculus of the pelvis blocking the ureter. The learned doctor compared the hair to the leaves of trees or to vine leaves which are fed by the juices of the soil, which are united to the tree which bears them, although they are not inherent parts. It probably is oxidiied tab in the body as fast as it is formed. It does no good, adding an unnecessary step, and calling for a larger waste time picking off small shreds of decidua from the inner operation when the uterus is already septic. He takes the presence of aminoacid derivatives in the urine as an index to intestinal stasis, and he has noticed that castor oil 10 and calomel and, in certain cases, kaolin often have a remarkable effect in reducing the temperature and the quantity of the amino-acid derivatives in the urine. The liver appears to be Using the heart-lung preparation of Starling and his co-workers, the authors have investigated the effect of strophanthin on the mammalian then strophanthin causes an increase in the output of the heart per minute; against a given arterial resistance, the volume of the heart is smaller when it is under the influence of strophanthin. The warm ether vapor is then continually insufflated throughout the entire operation, the strength of the ether being regulated by the position of the sprayer disc over the liquid ether, and the volume being regulated by the amount of air from the bellows or Comparing this method with the drop method and open inhaler, we note the following facts: The temperature of inspired air when ether is dropped on an the lungs it is wamicd to body temperature. The ground substance was spongy in appearance, there were astrocytes and excess of glia fibres.


In the second patient, a woman, tliirly-four years old, a tumor as large as a hen's egg was found in the anterior portion of the vagina, implanted upon an extensive base. In some cases this thrombotic process occupies large portions of the vessel's course; in others it is of short extent and terminates in a long cone of recent The veins share equally with the arteries in the lesion of occlusion. The conditions of life in army and naval garrisons, ships, and camps, and especially in war time, provide just what is necessary for transmission of the disease, viz. Of these I treated seven, without any mortality or sequelaj.

The only paralytic symptom observed was a slight external squint of the left eye, although his gait was somewhat unsteady.

Still the subject is so important, the ravages of the disease so widespread and disastrous, that we should never relax our diligence in trying to discover some Tnat the bacillus tuberculosis is the immediate or exciting cause in phthisis seems to be well established. Dullness over a triangular or heartshaped space extending from the upper eilge of the sternum above to the level of the third rib below, and more clearly defined on the left side of the sternum (one to two cm.), gives the most usual boundary of an enlarged thymus. He had mg pointed out that the fluid in such cases might be clear or turbid, in severe cases it had a yellow colour, and reaction which was usually intense.

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