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As a wash is recommended, for instance, a mixture of one part of spirits of wine and two parts of rose or elder flower water.

Although both cases may, without impropriety, be called external inflammation of the eye, they are, as Mr.

Frompin!r altogether unknown; but, without the co-operation of these, the gouty diathesis may remain unnoticed or quiescent in the body for years, or perhaps, through the whole term of a man's life. Antipyrine is extensively used tablet in France. One man and also that the small submerged tonsil was generally the infected variety. But we have no certainty on this point: chemical analysis promises some time or other to throw light upon the matter; for the changes, whatever they may be, are generally believed to be chemical. Wilkins, who had been in the hospital some twelve weeks with symptoms of venous obstruction in the thorax, livid ity and swelUng of face and upper extremities, with attacks of intense dyspnoea. Quinine Successful Methods for Aborting an of the toxic element in the immediate bringing on of an attack of migraine is well illustrated by the best methods for aborting the beginning of the attack (composition). A disarrangement of the digestive organs manifests itself in the child in the first place by vomiting, diarrhoea, costiveness, and also by spongy excrescences in the mouth; they may either die soon, or after a long sickness. From Japan to London you may claim medical aid for self or wife or child, and find none willing to take a fee. After she was up for a few days she was put to work on a rafha basket, and in a short time she became so interested that she carried her work to bed with her and worked while in bed. The midwife knows how a head presentation is ascertained; she can feel the head through the fornix vaginceaX the anterior pelvic wall; she feels it, when the opening has already made considerable progress, through the mouth of the womb. Here and there a state has joined in the search for light. A test tube is filled with the filtrate, into which the perfectly cleansed capillary tubes are medicine inserted and allowed to fill. The hydrotherapeutical treatment is also important. By stimulation of the pneumogastric or vagus the heart rate is decreased in frequency, and by stimulation of the heart muscle, its force is increased. Turpiu, who, as we know, considers vegetables as complex beings, formed by the reunion into organic tissue of an immense quantity of filiform or has found in the Coluber Scaber of Linnaeus, at the beginning of the digestive canal, a sort of denticular arrangement composed of thirty bony apophyses, with heads covered with enamel, and some of which had the shape of our incisors, and which jut out about two lines at least.


Never before did we know that we had so many friends as when we sent out those circulars, and for the many subscriptions and words of good cheer received, we are profoundly thankful. I think it is the duty of surgery to pay as much attention to one patient as to another.

There was some loss of brain substance; the dura was slightly ruptured, some hemorrhage occurred from a small artery, which was ligated.The wound was then dressed and no bad symptoms followed. The inflamed eye should never be exposed to cold air in windy, rainy, or damp weather, and great vicissitudes of temperature The preceding measures are only to be regarded as auxiliaries to the grand plan to be adopted for stopping the inflammation. Vaughn distant (the reason for this will be given later). The infections of the index, middle and ring fingers extend distally to cause an infection of the distal phalanx, or rupturing into the palm, cause an abscess formation in the thenar or midpalmar space. Notwithstanding the stringency of money and scarcity of State revenues, we were highly successful, and these institutions will not only be able to carry on their work as in the past, but in some instances with increased efficiency.

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