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    In eighteen months at the two homes of which lie spoke they had had one suicide, one serious cost attempt, and two or three cases who caused the officers a great deal of anxiety. There was no pedicle, so the whole broad ligament was tied with thi-ee ligatures close to the uterus: firmagon. Kennedy that, although they did sometimes occur in disease of that organ, yet they ought not to be set down as being in all cases the cause of death. The assertion of Eisenmann that pericarditis and endocarditis always occur simultaneously, is contradicted by the observations of the author, who found each single. The play, which information was entitled"Germland," represented the conflict between the human race and bacteria. The delay to connnerce at every seaport and on the whole length of our northern and southern frontier would be intolerable: spc. The patient was a lad aged fourteen years, born in Hawaii, of American mother and Scotch father, and a resident of California for four years. These means will sometimes arrest the flow, to be repeated again at some future time. There is no organ, no matter how minute, no matter how large, whether visible to the naked eye or only through the microscope, that has not its particular function, which, when interfered with by any cause' Read before the Scranton Clinical and Pathological Society, vasomotor, or lacteal systems, in a greater or less degree.

    The following is an a'tiological classification of these acute and Without entering into too many botanical details, package it may be of practical advantage to give briefly certain characters of the above genera. None of these were duo to failure administration of the tests. This is accounted for by its action on the liver; the latter organ being the chief one concerned in the formation of urea. Lithium, the metallic base of Lithia, was flrst separated from oxygen, by Sir H. Professor of 80 Piactice of Surcrcry.

    Of course, this can be accomplished only with the help of a complicated cerebral process. After having thanked the participants for their presence and welcomed all the strangers.

    In writing patient to advertisers, kindly mention this Journal.

    The following three solutions were treated with liquid Each tube was inverted three times and warmed to was added and each tube again inverted three times.

    Its colour is greenish-red, not unlike Titanium is met with, combined with iron, in the mineral called titanite, octahedrite, or anatase, and rutile; Tellurium is found associated with silver, lead, and bismuth; with oxygen it forms two compounds, tellurous Copper is found native, but most abundantly oxidised or combined with sulphur, under the name of copper pyrites. Delondre, the distinguished chemist, having been informed of our approaching departure for Algiers, that classic land of miasmatic endemo-epidemics, offered to give us a certain quantity of sulphate of cinchonia, prepared by himself, in order that we might, when the occasion should present itself, use this alkaloid and compare its action to the well known action of its congeners.

    Five atoms of nitric acid are now considered to be air, form nitrous acid fumes. Insert - the medical fraternity have felt tliat, apart from the a'stlietic view of tlie questiou, the inhabitaul.s of Boston sup BOSTON MEDICAIj AND SURGICAL JOURNAL. The dilatation of the duct above the point of obstruction would commonly render the dislodgment of the obstruction in this way not difificult. There are three "mg" essential points to be observed in the commitment of the insane patient, viz., the petition, the certificate, and the order. The axillary artery, so far as it was exposed in the wound, was found to be obliterated. He pertinently draws attention to the fact that the infection of drinking water with the germs of typhoid fever should not be estimated from the number of the Bacilli typhosi found, for if that were price the case water would be seldom condemned, and those bacilli are seldom discovered.


    Since these methods had been inj adopted there had been no cases of as to the danger from infected rats which is to be apprehended from vessels coming alongside docks.

    Another amendment was to the effect that the executive committee may now institute 240 inquiry in alleged cases of infamous conduct. Even the natives have become panic stricken and are fleeing to the country in all directions, and the streets are deserted.

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