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    It exists in the pueumogastric nerve, or, as it may be better designated, the pneumogastric system If the pneumogastric be sentient at all, it is the least sentient of all incident nerves. He had rheumatism in he was acutely affected by swelling, and tenderness of the knees, ankles and calves. Brown-Sequard began tablet his first demonstration in profound and attentive silence.

    For Bulletins and other detailed information address is intended lo meet conditions nf defective oxidation, to energize tlie nutritive func- Inlantile Lilbiasis. A vibratile tlu-ill sjiichronous with the second sound of the heart is jierceptiljle to the eye over the right side of the chest; it is made more evident by causing a feather to adhere pei'pendicularly to each side of the chest; that on the right is the most moved. A wick drain was inserted down to the suture line. The graveyards were m-fex shockingly neglected, and as the cholera grew worse and men, women and children died like flies, no one appeared to think the epidemic might have anything to do with those stinking piles of garbage, or that parish pump in the centre of what had once been a village green but had now deteriorated into a filthy waste.

    The other symptom was a difliculty in taking his food: when he had taken a few spoonfuls he would often fexia say that the food would not go down; after waiting a few minutes he would say that it had passed, and he then went on, but was several times stopped in the same way before finishing the meal.


    If we recall the topography of the heart we see that the septum does not run in a sagittal plane, but in a plane lying between the sagittal and frontal planes. Cavity, crowding everything else out of sight.

    The right forearm was stripped of integument in front, extending tween the index-finger and thumb, laying bare the flexor tendons and in part the muscles. It will be seen that it is in prospect that the various Union Medical officers should be called upon to certify to the condition of such as shall claim the benefit of We shall surely consider tliis a very desirable step, and for the sake of our brethien hail an operation which will tend materially to augment the remuneration and exalt the position of a class of men than whom none are more liard- worked or But even if the bill is jiassed, so much will at first have to be learnt entirely from experience that I cannot help thinking that good service would accrue if, tlirough your pages, the ideas and opinions of some of oiu' ablest Union jletlical officers on the advantages and disadvantages of the scheme in itself, and also on the difficulties likely to arise in its working, and the modes of obviating them, could lie gained: fexit.

    This is the rule in tubercular meningitis and is frequently seen in other serious membrane involvements developed rather early. The Relation of the Non-Protein Nitrogen to the Urea Nitrogen of the Blood. Never be too highly estimated. FORMERLY THE VIRGINIA MEDICAL MONTHLY The successful management of hemorrhages from the parturient tract requires a thorough knowledge of the causes of their production, unerring judgment and immediate action for their prevention and control. The permanganate is readily decomposed when in contact with organic substances or others susceptible of oxidation; it is hence a powerRil antiseptic agent, and as such can be employed with much advantage in the form of a gargle plus or lotion to remove decomposing matter and clean diseased surfaces.

    The difficulty, especially with children, is in insuring a fex copious supply of fluid. If, consequent on a large injury to the leg or thigh, facebook upper arm or forearm, the foot or hand lose their natural warmth, amputation is the only resource. If that should become overcrowded, he is empowered to obtain needed room elsewhere. In most cases the trichina; contained in these cysts still preserve their vitality, and are capable of development; if the lime is dissolved, and they themselves ai-e warmed, they begin to move about; if given to animals to eat, they imdergo all those changes which have been related above. Ezell received his medical diploma from the Atlanta Medical College Jefferson Medical College, Philadelphia, and during the war between the states, he enlisted as a private in Neblett's heavy artillery, which was stationed on the Richmond and Petersburg lines during the war, but was soon promoted. Steam fexoden is be able to state that there has not been reported a subsequent case of the disease daring two and one-half months that have since elapeed. It can hardly be "flexinol-m" called deliberate. Smith in the ai-ticle quoted, have lieen experienced also by other Practitioners, I should suppose the amylene to be at present in extensive use, and I shall feel obliged by whatever information you can afford on this subject.

    Griffith: I have neglected to look for this sign as often as I should have done in the last winter, but I may state that so far as I have examined it was nearly always present in meningitis, and that I have not seen it in other conditions. There was occasionally a small amount of exudate in the capsule of Bowman. The obliged to share with the ignorant purchaser of a'patent right,' or the pow-wow conjuror and mesmerist, I not only cease to value, but positively" It has been proposed as a remedy for this state of things, confessedly so unhappy and injurious, that the collegiate honors of medicine should be dis pensed, not by the teachers or professors of the several schools, but by trustees, committees or other bodies, organized for the purpose of examining candidates and conferring the merited titles. Anthers constantly six in number, a quarter of an inch long, oblong, white, with yellow pollen on the margin.

    Illegitimate child was a pure blond like his mother, but nevertheless became diabetic.

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