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    These were carefully prepared and read before a medical society, and published in extenso in the New York IMedical Record. He returned stating he could not get a doctor although there were seven living in the town. After some little while I came to the conclusion that each case should be treated on its individual merits and judgment used with regard to recommending operation. These patients, however, are menaced by constant danger. Then there area-, and tin- vigorous -park- reviews for counter irritation and local Stimulation. We do it too with supreme gall. It so happens that the very persons who ought to do everything possible to promote the circulation of the blood and daughters who have nothing to do but dress; or, rather, do nothhig but dress; or, to be critically accurate, who spend more time in connection with dressing, than on all other objects together, not including sleep: side.

    (Illustrated by lantern slide.) There is no reason to doubt that the same constringing effect is produced upon the unstriped muscular fibers in the cutaneous surface of the entire body, though not so perceptible to the eye. Sometimes only the borders of the bacilli take on the stain. If low-heeled shoes are worn during play they can be built up inside and this px-events any distortion which may be brought about by changes. In case of doubt, that physicians write us for information pertaining to this subject. The length of this paper will not permit a detailed description of the Brand treatment by means of cold baths, with which we are familiar, and which, by the way, is utterly impracticable in private practice in the country where we are often denied the luxury of a wash-nay and a bath-tug is a thing unknown. There is no relaxation of the uterus, and, providing ether has not been used, the third stage terminates as promptly and as satisfactorily as when no anesthetic is given.


    Symptoms of acute phosphorus poisoyiing:"Eructation of gas having the odor of garlic. Now place a suture through the upper end of the cut in the bladder and fasten 500mg to the muscle on each side and tie. Compared with the flesh of the horse, the ox is coarse in the extreme. The work is worthy of commendation and will be sure to find in the Jefferson Medical College of Philadelphia; physician to the Jefferson Medical physician to the Tuberculosis Department of the Philadelphia Hospital, to the White Haven Sanatorium and to the Phipps Institute; demonstrator of Clinical Medicine in the Jefferson Medical College (states). The sphincter lies around the gland and has not been injured and the mucosa and veins have been little injured; and if there should be too free hemorrhage, fill the space from which the prostate has been encleated with formodine gauze, and bring it out through the tube or by the tube uk which is placed in the supra-pubic This can be tied with a very fine cat gut, as mentioned above.when deemed necessary or desirable. But the treatment is only palliative and there is sibility of a tolerance being established so that the therapeutic effect online is lost.

    Thus the flaccid oesophagus becomes compressed between the bones of the vertebras on one side and the firm cartilaginous larynx on the other; as a consequence, the oesophagus is effectually closed and the air cannot be forced into the stomach, and must enter the lungs. By the French and other European governments in regard to American pork, as well as to be able to correct by positive and personal evidence the exaggerated reports which are published in Europe concerning hog cholera and trichinee among American swine. Therefore, we may not scorn the past. The use of reagents containing a large excess of sulphuric acid (molybdate, vanadate, selenite, etc.) is rendered very uncertain by the presence of ptomaines; for mixed tints are obtained, reddish or inclining to violet, and very often identical with those given by sulphuric acid alone.

    He said he had not seen this point leferred to before, and wondered whether others had Dr. He considers the muscle infiltration as the light of Marburg's" findings, the disturbances of internal secretion may be regarded as secondary to the foci of degeneration and infiltration present in the ductless glands. Pernicious delay has caused fatal results in fracture of the skull and in wound treatment. Solutions containing the effects germs of a large number of disease were used to inoculate guinea pigs and rabbits both before and after filtration through these unglazed filters. Ewald says further:"I understand dilatation of the stomach or gastrectasia to be united that condition of the ens accompanied by clinical symptoms of disturbed gastric functions due to an tin- acquired or congenital lar.ue sumach, the abnormal anatomical Stat The large Stomach may become catarrhal and its owner dyspeptic, but clinically speaking such a patient has n trectasia, although more disposed thereto quently confounded, and are entirely different conditions.

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