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When urine decomposes in the bladder and ureters, with development of ammonia, this substance, observed as it is readily by the blood, causes the serious symptoms that are observed in diseases of these organs. An alumnus has re seem exciting and interesting.

For muscle, tendon and elastic tissue, Triepel found that the maximum stretching which may occur in the animal body is not far below that degree which can cause tearing of these tissues.

The bottom of the ulcer is formed by the not perceptibly thickened submucosa, in which occur small, whitish-yellow, soft spots. That this new field of surgery deserves to be entered upon and have a fair trial is beyond question, not only from a practical point of view, as a temporary relief has been obtained in most of the cases on record, and a permanent cure in our own case, but also from a scientific point of view, as the procedure we have advocated is entirely rational, that is, in conformity with the physiologic and pathologic facts and laws governing We finally hope and trust that our case and our remarks may encourage other members of our profession to take the matter in hand and contribute to the solution of this problem, which, even if only occasionally, certainly may save a human life otherwise irrevocably lost. Primary suture should be the routine treatment in almost every case: hindi.

I can call to mind among patients whom I have treated recently no fewer than three cases in which lupus has persisted PRINCIPLES OF VACCINE THERAPY AND SKETCH OF THE Having now passed in review the therapeutic methods which are in use in the treatment of bacterial disease, I propose to turn to the main theme of my discourse and to deal with the treatment of bacterial disease by vaccine therapy. The development and formation plus of bone. In acute rheumatism of the joints of the fingers uses or hands, it seems of special value. In my former case the fluid was more of a pinkish than a straw-colored serum, and mostly coagulated after withdrawal.

All undermined tissue and unhealthy tags of skin in should be removed. The narcs were packed with gauze saturated artificial serum, and there was no further bleeding for thirty-two hours, when the bleeding again appeared, and it was thought that she would die in consequence. Nevertheless to be forwardedj the word! fi none" being executive medical officers will be prepared by superintending surgeons, and forwarded to the medical board. It is exceedingly probable that the two principal branches in this case have behaved in such a way that the upper furnished the calices of the cyst, and the lower the calices of the lower two-thirds of the kidney, and that the origin of the upper branch is the opening covered by the valve. I am at present engaged in some experiments with a view of seeing whether corrosive sublimate could not be used in a more manageable form; and I may mention here what I have never that corrosive sublimate turns out to be wonderfully soluble in glycerine.

Morel has traced through four venerations, the family history of a youth who was admitted into tne asylum at Rouen in a state of stupidity and semi-idiocy; the summary of which may fitlv illustrate the natural course of degeneracy when it goes on through First generation: Immorality, depravity, alcoholic excess, and moral degradation, in the great-grandfather, who was killed in a Second generation: Hereditary drunkenness, maniacal attacks, ending in general paralysis in the grandfather. Linton used to say that that man was a good doctor who knew"when not to give medicines;" but we may carry this thing too far. He says, as to the particular antiseptic, he does not wish to dogmatize upon that.


Minute tubular 10 depressions in the mucous membrane of the small intestines. Treatment is abandoned because the parent cannot conceive that the trouble an mg expense that frequently falls on people who cannot afford it, and because the patient finds it painful. Describe tablet the preparation of hydrogen dioxide, writing the reaction. Both the pelvis of the kidney and the ureter were considerably dilated, and filled with pus; the lining membrane was rough and covered with phosphatic granules. If you understand the process, then you can adapt to the AMA level and the national level. The descending type shows on the contrary that the outflow of the blood takes place easily and that the resistance in the vessels is not high. The regular periodicity of the molimen menstruale shows it to be dependent in some way upon nervous influence.

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