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They should be kept in a cool place, but should be sufficiently covered with straw to protect them from frost. The cases of luetic headache presented an earlier, more prolonged and more marked reaction to punctures than the cases of tabes or paresis. It would seem that a single species of malarial parasite is able to undergo variations according "120" to the different countries and climates in which it tropical Africa, and that all that can be said is that the benign tertian parasite is rarer in quartan parasites, and record his opinion that the quartan fever attacks certain races. By cautious leading, combined with appropriate medical, physical, and moral treatment, many patients, a burden alike to themselves and their families, are restored as useful and desirable tells of two physicians in a Wisconsin town, the one elderly, with a long record of cures, the other young, with his record still to rhake. Mitchell of New York, has given a recital which also tends to show what singular effects can 60 be caused if the imagination be previously and duly prepared for the production of wonders. Erdman, of Dresden, mentions in his' Medical Observations' a very singular hindi phenomenon which he witnessed in a boy, of a delicate complexion, light hair, and a sanguine temperament. Cavalry, commanded "etoshine" by General Gillem Garrard s Division of Cavalry of the Army of the Cum Advance of the Fifteenth Corps. Pour upon the whole a pint of vinegar mixed with a little water. A few hours after admission, he was placed under chloroform, and Acting 500 Assistant Surgeon Samuel S. The in left lung showed gray hepatization in the upper and posterior portions, the inferior and anterior being congested, was firmly adherent to the pericardium.

As to hereditary predisposition M. He was comatose 90 in the last moments.

By means of injections, the method of using which with the intracranial cavity. The real issue, then, is this: are we, when proceeding methodically and understandingly, more likely to advance safely, certainly, and, I must add, conscientiously, the ease or suffering, the life or death In realitv, however, students do not enter collegiate establishments solely for the purpose of having facts and principles infused into their minds, as water passes from vessel to vessel. We do not seek to abort an attack of bronchitis any more than we attempt to check secretion in its primary stage by strong astringents. Knowledge of the conditions actually present has demonstrated that a certain"give" or elasticity at the site of fracture can be elicited for some time after bony union has occurred. A small mass could also be felt on the left side. He was admitted to the hospital of the month after uses the reception of the injury, and that complete paralysis of the left side had existed for two months. Carter appears to regard the so-called enamel tube as a aaked fibril, formed within the septa of a honeycomb structure.

With narrowing of attacks of severe griping pain, abdominal distention, the presence of active, sometimes visible peristalsis in the distended coils of bowel, and, if the condition persists, vomiting and all the signs of intestinal obstruction.

We advise Dr Maudsley not to repeat the assertion of Liebreich about pigmentary retinitis being common with the offspring of marriages of consanguinity, and with people of limited mental powers, until further confirmation comes. On admission, he was thin; lips and mucous membranes of good color; tongue covered with a thick, white coating. In order that no more pain might be given than was necessary, and chiefly to avoid a reopening of the wound for antiseptic reasons, we made section of these nerves, not by the scissors or knife, but by a sudden, quick jerk of the hitherto slack ligature passed behind the nerve. So much for the chemical theory of uraimic symptoms.

Tlie patient was still living, and the floating kidney had disappeared. There is danger from this occurrence that a portion of the public may infer that the move is sanctioned if not supported by the medical profession. John Moffett, of Rnshvillej; Penetrating Wounds of of Indianapolis); and Ophthalmia Neonatorum, by Dr. In the case of the thymus the cells were stained a brown color, the nuclei a deeper tint; the corpuscles of Hassall were more deeply pigmented than the rest, and the muscular coats of the small vessels stood out very prominently. One was a fatal case, and the diagnosis mr was probably verified after death. Liad existed for twenty years without much change excepting enlargement, which always takes place when he had a cold. R It is worthy of note that in over seven hundred operations such a small percentage of gall-stone operations were performed. It is important to avoid humidity in the air as much as possible and to drive out the residual gas after the rats have been killed. The recent creation of the Council on Physical Therapy of the American Medical Association can be instanced in evidence of this, and it is said to have been one of the regrets of Dr. Typhoid, of rather severe type. I want to be told what to do." In his interest over the tracings Dr. The leg over the tibia throughout the whole length of the shaft was very sensitive to touch.


Brush the pie over with this, then sprinkle upon it some sifted sugar, and then a few drops of water.

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