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    In cases when the stitches become loosened they should be cut and replaced by others that hold firmly, unless the wound has united, when they can be clipped and removed.

    In addition to this a case of true Banti with a positive Wassermann reaction has so far at least not been observed. All students must perform this duty before the final certificate is signed. The modus operandi consists in entering the drill through a puncture made by a tenotome; the boring of the bone is next proceeded with, the graduations enabling the operator to calculate his depth to a nicety.

    On the left arm, over the ulna, were seen three or four swellings of a purplish red colour, hard to the touch, and very tender.


    This procedure was completely successful (online). The excellent chapter on the care of the hair and scalp concludes with a short section on barber shops and hair-dressing establishments which are regarded as"The most fertile single source of spreading diseases of the hair and scalp;" and some much needed advice is given concerning the proper management of such establishments, advice which if followed would go far to eliminate the danger of transmitting disease. Instances were given to prove that stimulation (narcotisation) of the sympathetic induces general relaxation, contraction of the blood-vessels, and congestion of the capillaries, and consequent coma and death. Again, those medicines which stimulate the cerebro-spinal (stimulants), cause increased activity in the parts stimulated; but if pushed to a great degree, they exhaust, and, by a provision of nature, narcotisation sets in; if the stimulation be still further pushed, exhaustion of the vital organs takes place, and death is instantaneous.

    " For the first time the Branch meets at Uminster, in a district hitherto considered remote and not sufficiently attractive; but this part of the county being now united to the central town of Taunton by a railway, it is hoped the facilities of communication with Chard and other places on the hne, will induce many medical men previously deterred by distance to join the Association, and thus that on this day a new and valuable offshoot may be regarded as having sprung into life, destined to a propitious future of usefulness and advantage equally to itself and to the parent stock, of the Branch have been held (in accordance with the resolution passed at the last annual meetmg), which were fairly attended, and at which the following interestiBg papers, etc., were read and discussed. Cipla - while the emphysema is universal, many of the alveoli are filled with an exudate consistiiiti; in iiiaiiv places of a dense network of fibrin enmeshing and some coal-carrying phagocytes. It has been made a very prominent one with the meeting to show where the truth lies, because the truth can be shown by a few of those who have been engaged in vivisection all their life, in a few words. One of cream the celebrated German surgeons, probably on the ground that if a little of a good thing is good, more is better, stretched his patients by means of weights applied to their heels. Any of the remedies for lice are efficient in destroying fleas.

    He did not think they would find the necessary number of members to come forward and support this Society; and he protested against the notion that the Association was to receive the report of the Society year after year, and yet the officers and affairs of the Dr. Most of these patients were unaware that the management of their illness was directly guided by his diagnostic abilities, his vast experience and his knowledge of the natural course of disease. It may be objected that the few members of our profession who, by some rare chance, have forced their way into Parliament, have not conspicuously distinguished themselves in connexion with subjects affecting the public health. The longterm effects are still unknown, according to Dr. The case were unique, and w ere observed over three years. It is not sufficient benefits to inject steam into the room. Exploratory and oxygen after opening abdomen, time forty minutes. I put it down by the system of cross-questionin,g by which I have been a good deal tormented in the course of my life as a witness, and I shall give all those who are so desirous to put down vivisection, in brief words, a history of vivisection. Smith, of Grand Rapids, Michigan, said the first important point was the necessity of a thorough study of the physiology of the pelvis, and the second was the relation of the pelvic re flexes to the neuroses. Horton, of Seattle, took the chair this week for the present year. As an end product, local manifestations may make their appearance in the gastrointestinal tract, cardiac system, genitourinary organs, or elsewhere, but in such cases we have a typical neurosis of one or more organs.

    Stress is laid on the fact that a clinical differentiation between cases of the three groups referred to was only exceptionally possible. I shall venture, whilst apologising for the imperfection of the manner in which I shall deal with it, to touch upon a subject, on which we all, no doubt, often reflect, which comes before us in our daily life, and, ia one of its aspects, is frequently thrust upon us with no It is a remark which we by no means infrequently hear, that medicine makes no advance; that, amidst the remarkable progress which has characterised the present age in respect of many sciences, the science of medicine remains almost, if not quite, stationary; that, whilst nature has been interrogated successfully by the professors of other sciences, the professors of medicine have failed to win from her the triumphs, and achieve the successes, which diligent research and properly conducted inquiries ought to have yielded.

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