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    Newspapers and other publications containing matter tchieh the person sending thetn desires to bring effects to our notice should be marked.

    What if a wrong tooth was extracted now and then? There were plenty more where it came from! decatur Or if a vein was transfixed and a thrombus or aneurysm was the result, it only confirmed our diagnosis and established the fact that As a rule, no one considered it necessary to consult us as to the propriety of a bleeding. Recent issues contain some magnificent articles: notably one by Gladstone, in the issue of Schism in the Modern Christian Church," and equally good, testify to the undiminished lustre of this brilliant eclectic, proving it still the well-nigh indispensable friend of the intelligent and educated people of this busy No better opportunity was ever offered for subscribing to this magazine, for the publishers will send absolutely free the weekly issues for the remainder of this year to every new subscriber now remitting for the year Monthly Bulletin of the Bureau of American The July number contains an excellent paper upon" English and Spanish Horses," devoted to" Cotton States and International Exposition," and another upon the"Price of Public Lands in Mexico." There are reports from the Argentine Republic, Chili, Nicaragua, Equador, Guatemala, along with commercial and industrial information, and a short al biographical sketch of Don Idiarte Borda, the new President of Banda Oriental From the same source we are in receipt of two pamphlets, one devoted to commercial and industrial information regarding the American Republics; Gold Mining in British Guiana; Import Duties of Guatemala. Cost - we are often constrained to decline articles which, although tliey may be creditable to their authors, are not suitable for publication in thvs journal, either because they are too long, or are loaded with tabular matter or prolix histories of cases, or dial with subjects of little interest to the medical profession at large. It has been found of especial use in malaria, tuberculosis, catarrhal diseases, whooping-cough, and music chronic bronchitis. With the foregoing exceptions it will be seen our answers are alike, a fact that is the more interesting in that neither knew the views of the other "coupon" until after they were published. Unless the results are left amongst his papers, it is feared that these and other of his researches upon which he spent vast time and labour have perished. Alabama - by James The Operative Treatment of Enlargement of the Prostate. So far as the author first named on the title page is concerned, the work is posthumous. To know what we know now, that all these tumours, called successively chronic mammary tumours, hydatids of the breast, fibrinous tumours, fibromas, etc., were substantially the same, with some differences in the nature of the associated tissues, and the arrangement of the anatomical elements, to show the causes of these various forms and appearances, and to explain the pathology of each one of these varieties of tumour, it was necessary to use other methods of investigation, and to make a more minute study of anatomy, normal and It is particularly interesting to one who was studying his profession in Paris about the time of the appearance of Velpeau's work, twenty-five years ago, in the early part of the second half of this century, to recall his visits to the wards of Velpeau, Nelaton, Roux, and other great clinical took place in the Academy of Medicine as to the curability of cancer, in which all the great medical men of Paris participated. If life still remains, the little orifice is closed by contraction of the According to a recent writer's experience, the treatment of constipation by gooseberries, currants, or plums, taken daily in large elmiron quantities, is followed by better results than the administration of any medicine yet known. With this there was a general improvement in health. Quinine was recommended by Payne, and its action can be intensified by painting the lesions, at the same time, with tincture of iodine, and some most favourable results have been recorded by this These form the principal drugs which have been credited with a specific action on lupus erythematosus.

    Finally, it may not be out of place for me to express an opinion as to what treatment side seems best to me after a careful study of the literature. The treatment of cholera in all its stages by enteroclysis or the washing out of the bowel was first used by Canlani within the last decade (inc).


    It is, however, in opposition to the theory of the penetration of the cribriform plate by the micrococcus, which, on the face of it, would appear to present anatomical difficulties. Professor of Ophthalmology in King's College, and Ophthalmic Surgeon cataract,(a) I mentioned that in those cases in which a sufficiently broad margin of transparent lens substance exists great improvement of vision may often be attained by dilating the pupil by atropine.

    A needle threaded with fine silk brought store in close apposition the skin along the entire closed line of the wound. Beyond them, in nearly every direction, are undrained lands and swamps. A peculiar type of cochlea is found in monotremes. Improved greatly, and was discharged to resume work, seaman. The greater the impletion of the artery during systole, the longer is the interval between the primai-y expansion and the acme of distension, and the bolder the curve which indicates it. Some authors formerly thought that in chronic cyanosis connected with heart disease the red corpuscles never exceeded eight millions per cubic millimetre, but Friedel Pick stenosis in a seven-year-old girl with a blood count of over heart disease, who had cyanosis and clubbing of the fingers from red cells to the cubic millimetre. Short of asserting that the tubercular toxin is the direct cause of the lesions, it has been suggested that the toxin is a predisposing factor, which, by weakening the individual, renders the skin more vulnerable to a variety of irritants. When the malady tends to recovery, the vomiting stops decrease in number and become more nonnal in character and appearance; the fever disappears; the skin becomes moist; the restlessness grows less pronounced and generic disappears and the sleep thus becomes sound, uninterrupted, and refreshing. Symptoms for some years, and had used a catheter to empty septic cystitis and pyelitis.

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