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It seems that the judges of the circuit courts appoint physicians as examiners, and that the statute commands them to appoint those only whose diplomas would name be recognized by the American Medical Association. Paris Academy of Sciences has awarded the Lecomte prize this subject. Fax The Journal of the South Carolina Medical Association EXCISE TAXES WAIVED ON CERTAIN Even though this act suspends excise taxes, its goal is to increase revenue. Had consulted him last spring for symptoms of chronic cystitis.

The liquor aninii will escape after the first incision, and if the uterus act, the case may then be lelt to nattire. It is finished in a style so neat as to render it as little disfiguring as possible. Notes relating to it are mislaid.

Minim finds that bloody effusions are absorbed more quickly when treated at the end of three or four days than immediately after. On the under surface of the frontal lobes especially the left, are purulent fibrinous exudates the size and shape of millet seeds with irregular contours and 30 connected with each other by small whitishyellow spots of the same nature. In heated bodies, and the more frequent because of the more rapid vibrations, but they coexist, however, with all those previously emitted by the same body. Coleman, needs only to be perfect solution of proto-carbonate of iron in carbonic free acid water. These held the clearings and open tablet bits of jungle through which the swine tried to escape, and killed many of the latter. On the anterior aspect of the arm there was a depression an inch and a half wide, into which the skin and subcutaneous tissues could be pressed to the depth of half an inch, and the ends of the torn muscle could be felt as thick lumps. These form irregular groupings, and by continued or advanced development and reproduction form cell-colonies, or are united by a slimy intercellular substances into masses like zoogloea. Valentine Mott was a native of Rhode engradewv Island. With the fall in temperature the diet was gradually increased, once more on full diet. This system has worked well with us, and we heartily recommend it. An ovarian tumor, the size of a derby hat, was found with abundant papillomatous growths attached to various parts of the abdominal peritoneum with much ascites. Instantaneously soothing tlie pain, which often accompanies inflammation.


All were subject to frequent attacks of pain and swelling, with ecchymosis of the wrist, ankles, and knee-joints, attended with fever; the complaint usually lasted about a fortnight, and then disappeared with the subsidence of the swelling and removal of the ecchymosis. These were all provided in abundance, the latter was the first consideration and the saving clause in the case was the patient's good appetite, digestion and nutrition. By of Diseases of the Mind and students Nervous Many jxars ago, when we read the remarkable book of Brierre de Boismont on hallucinations, we thought that superstition and error could not receive a more telling blow; but Dr. As the author j says:" This important case has all the value of a: reports that among the drugs exported from Wenchow, i there is one which merits notice from the attention I of the Chinese materia medica in the early half of I the 2805 eighth century A.

Firm clotted blood in the lateral sinus, neur engrade point of termination in jugular vein. Emgardens - packard, Philadelphia, Secretary;" Obstetrics and Diseases of Women."" Ophthalmology, Otology and Laryngology." Journal of the American Medical Association.

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