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Its onset and elong severe sweats are common, and when the temperature begins to drop toward morning, the sweating is often excessive. DeSchweinitz is the fortunate possessor of a style dis tingnished for elegance and clarity, so that his writings possess to a degree unusual among medical writers, a literary flavor.

These pieces of apparatus do not break down like a transformer and can be repaired with comparative ease, whereas when the transformer is out of commission everything comes to a standstill. It is free from mercuric chloride and other contaminations, and therefore possesses the desired uniformity of action. There is a fallacious idea concerning a period of three years in this matter. It is with much pleasure I am permitted to state that through the liberality of its many friends there is now being constructed on the Nurses' Home where our splendid X-ray apparatus can be used to better advantage, and much good work accomplished in electro-therapeutics, also also better accommodations for the internes are furnished. The clinician wars with the active aggressive ignorance of his patient and his patient's friends. Which we are already particularly familiar in this country. When all of the xl six hosts began to deviate from each other their proteins had no destructive action on any of the six parasites. Many patients do not gain benefit early enough from this method of treatment. Serous effusion is evidence of lack of lime because the effusion is 60 not plastic. After all this work was organized, the question of treatment would be only partially solved unless the wards of all visceral involvement should 30 be under ward treatment for a certain period.

(i) Typhoid organisms are made into an emulsion with sterilised distilled water, and the emulsion is thoroughly shaken then centrifugalised till the supernatant fluid is quite clear and free from bacteria. A very frequent exciting cause of neuralgia is local exposure to Lastly, there are the reflex causes of neuralgia. All these classes of compounds are not found in any one oil but a volatile oil may contain one or more compounds belonging to one or more of the classes named. Cases of leucoplakia were then presented, showing typical white patches, or"smoker's patches." One unusual case occurred in the cheek, where the quid of tablet toIjacco was held. It must be borne in mind in the treatment of all severe injuries that they are accompanied by more or less shock, and that the treatment of this shock is perhaps just as important as the treatment of the injury itself.

The compensation of such examining physician for making such examination and testifying when certified by the presiding judge or justice of the court or judge or justice making the appointment, shall be paid out of any funds available for the pajrment of and in the same manner as other court expenses: review.


After the removal of these impurities sulfur is fit for internal use.

And when we consider that the final digestive changes of proteids are animoacids and the greater part of purin metabolics ends in uric acid with other animo-acids, that fat breaks up into fatty acids and glycerins and also that carbohydrate digestion is not free from add production, we may well wonder how the body can escape (a) But the animo-acids are neutral to indicators and, in fact, may be regarded as salts since the COOH. Where there is intestinal torpor, with decomposition of the garicus) may be employed with happy results, overcoming not only digestive "mg" disturbances and the accompanying borborygmus, but the secondary production of hypertension. In spastic constipation the diet is just the reverse of that employed in the atonic type. The functions of the liver are important and numerous and are as follows: the liver from the digestive tract by the portal vein. When the larvae of the domestic fly are exposed to a Because of the fact that flies lay their eggs in manure, maggot or larvae traps are often used in connection with the disposal of manurp. Albert, (jcneral miliary tuhrrrnlosis with medicine unusual spinal Rogers. Ductless glands are glandular structures which have no ducts and whose secretions are discharged directly into the blood or lymph.

These substances generally are spoken of as medicines, commonly termed drugs, and in studying them it is necessary to consider their source, composition, physical characteristics, chemical properties, preparation and administration, and physiological and toxicological action. For instance, more patients are delivered spontaneously with bladders full than recover promptly from uterine inertia following the removal of perhaps twenty ounces of urine by catheter. An artificial circulation was constructed from rubber tubing, a thick and wide portion (a) representing the aorta, and a similar portion (v) acting as DELAY OR RETARDATION OF PULSE.

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