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Then, however, as from the beginning in some measure, comes the necessity of sacrifice, and the tendency to seek compensation for sacrifice in the form of fantasies of wish fulfilment.

Probably its weight prevented edinase-d its being driven up and down the windpipe; and when it laid edgeways, its form did not oppose much impediment to the breath. In order to illustrate the internal rotation of the fetal head two cylinders were used, one of which could be "edinase-ds" bent in two directions at right angles to each other, and the other one only m one direction. Malignant Malarial H.emaluria has been frequently met with since the Southern States, but the mild or chronic form of Malarial Haematuria is only occasionally met with, so much so, that physicians who have seen but few cases, are slow to arrive at a correct diagnosis of the disease, and attribute the blood found in the urine, to lesions of the bladder, urethra, or kidneys.


Two adult cases have been reported, but the usual time of its appearance is that of the appearance of other forms of paralysis. At autopsy there was found a fibrous lesion of the wall of the left auricle and fibrous and calcareous lesions of the chordae tendines?. It is then removed, the limb examined, the femur brought down into a position of less abduction, and the plaster reapplied for six weeks longer. Felix Formento New Orleans, La. Only in a few cases does The nature of the disease is undetermined. The muscles of the face were almost continually agitated by ds convulsive twitchings, and the arm from time to time presented a sort of tetanic stiffness. The blood-loss of menstruation means on each occasion an output of iron equal to that ingested in the food in a week, and it must require a healthy appetite and vigorous digestion to make good the loss. The elimination of the colour-blind from positions of vital responsibility became, therefore, a grave necessity, and upwards of forty methods for the detection have been devised. The ameboid motility of the colostrum corpuscles, which was interpreted by Czerny as being evidence of their leucocytic origin cannot be assumed to have this significance, for it has been shown, especially by recent work, that this faculty is not a prerogative of the leucocytes alone, but that all other animal cells, such as connective tissue cells, tab epithelial cells, etc., may exhibit it if they are set free from their tissue connections. When this natural stimulus is insufficient, the want may be supplied by some substance which is involved in the food, and accompanies it in its progress as the bran of brown bread, already mentioned, or a few grains of rhubarb, or of aloes, swallowed immediately before dinner. These are called"epithelial pearls," being composed of degenerated epithelial cells. Indicated in Obesity, Fatty Degeneration of the Heart, Fatty Tumors, Rheumatism and allied complaints. In each of these cases there was noted at operation, also, a wide open pylorus and enlarged duodenum, in one case two inches in diameter, and Finney has suggested that this may be secondary to the changes in the pancreas mentioned above. It should be encouraged to enter the bladder by having the patient make efforts at emptying the bladder while the injection is being; made, the orifice of the urethra being compressed around the nozzle of the siphon so as to prevent the escape of the liquid. Of course, belief in this later view, of necessity, has caused a radical change in the treatment of the disease.

Cases occur in which melancholia follows on alcoholic excess, but the usual concomitant is mania. They do not indicate that the lungs are ever involved alone and they make it plain that the thoracic glands are involved about five times more frequently than the lungs. Although this fatal accident use may occasionally, as in the example just referred to, be produced by the progress of a perforating ulcer, its commonest cause is that de i generation of structure which we are now considering.

With the pain, which is not constant, but comes and goes, there is much nausea and vomiting; and sometimes hiccup; and the matters vomited are usually very sour.

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