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    A flow of bright red blood, occurring in gushes, may signify ulcerative lesions of the endometrium, to which there is a greater liability near the menopause than at any other time. Polli, of Milan, has reported cases in which the sulphites have proved curative. In the spinal type we have, of course, the flaccid paralysis of one or more extremities, with marked atrophy and reaction of degenera tion, according to which segments may be involved. If an exudate is under negative pressure encapsulation must have occurred; puncture cannot cause collapse of the pleura for just enough air the 30 puncture like water from a bottle. This proposition for the supposed cause of this form of abscess should never be lost to view; for having evidence of pus absorption, a fact is established that acts the sentinel, and will in the absence even of special symptoms, arouse our suspicions of the existence or approach of I am aware that I am taxing the credulity of those who do not credit the probability, or even possibility, of pus absorption to the extent of produciog abscess in other parts of the organism, owing to the comparatively greater size of the pus globules in relation to those A lew words upon "20" this: The theory of pu s absorption might be supported in this manner: It is known that pus globules are hollow, and perhaps capable of assuming an elongated form, so reducing their diameters as to make them absorbable. If he has a calling which demands close work with his eyes he will he forced to change it use if his vision cannot be improved. The possibility of an apparent or complete cure after a positive curettage, not followed by radical operation must therefore be admitted. The actual causes dosage of the late vomiting are usually unrecognized and the therapeutic measures resorted to in combating it are consequently futile. Bennati, a talented physician of Paris, who some years ago used to amputate the extremity of the uvula in singers, discontinued the practice: substitute. This transparency may be uniform or broken by opaque spots. They are both members of the Albany County Medical Society, and the most culpable one, also of the New York State Medical Society (40). Of course, a dollar would be a very small fee for such a visit and Kindly instruct us to answer them (the letters) for you and we will simply state that your case was cured, as stated in the testimonial. Williams, of the patients otherwise not accounted for, the greater number either have recovered completely or are under competent been reported. Further difficulty occurs with a negative radiogram, with the assurance from the dental specialist that all the teeth and their roots are in a sanitary condition, with nothing distinctive from cultures at the gum edge or toward the tooth roots; and with such evidence of a chronic tonsillitis as the presence of a few moderately enlarged glands at the angle of the jaw, and the constant exhibition of a little pus in the same pocket of one tonsil, the culture therefrom, either pure Streptococcus viridans, or with this organism present in reasonable predominance POTTER: VICIOUS CIRCLE IN ORAL SEPSIS.

    In such a case the division of both tracks would result in a complete double division of the whole perineum, as well as of the external sphincter.


    In many instances the mucous membrane resembles the interior of an acutely inflamed appendix.

    Chordee, usually so troublesome, has in every case been greatly relieved.

    I say examine ether and a large-bladed speculum is an impossibihty. After a series of injections in lower animals Doctor Moore had proven conclusively, although he was not willing to give the evidence publicity, that we were dealing with an enzyme and the presence of the enzyme produced said, that having made observations and records of the pressures in ninety-eight per cent, of his cases for the past eight years, he had, as a result of his experience alone, come to certain conclusions which he wished to offer at this time.

    There were also abdominal pain and constipation. Under its use the pannus and the granulations disappear. A prominent writer and orator uses these words in a notice of the book in the New" A thorough-bred physician in this neighborhood, who has made mg a special study of' Toxicology,' pronounces Dr.

    Pregnancy and Parturition Following Amputation of the Cervix Uteri. Practically, then, it is price not a covering.

    It is through the neurologist that the public should be informed of the indica tions of its approach and the means of warding off the attack, or at least protecting the individual and the community.

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