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Reuben Peterson, of the University of Michigan; Dr. The decrease in the W'assermann reaction is not as marked as when salvarsan is employed.

But the term vertigo seemed to him a misnomer, for, as it is used by the American and English authors, it does not mean a loss of consciousness, but only a faintness, a dizziness, a swimming, a seeming loss of equilibrium, without any more than the faintest shadow of an obscuration of consciousness. Cancer was different in different organs and different in the same organs. Likewise in edema caused by faulty renal function, there may be a retention of fluid in the blood before there is any indication of edema. The edges of the valves at their angles are gradually drawn together and there is a definite narrowing of the orifice, leading in the aorta to more or less stenosis and in the left auriculo-ventricular orifice the two sites most frequently involved to constriction. Occasionally pruritus is an early and most distressing symptom. A patient, whom I saw with Fussell, had had cystitis through her pregnancy, subsequently pus in the urine for several months, and then a large fluctuating abscess developed in the right lumbar region. The physical signs of total adhesion are by no means constant. REPORT OF THE TRUSTEES OF THE JOURNAL. It is important in the after-treatment that constant extension should be kept up, and that the slightest motion should be prevented. KENNEDY continued with the report of the Reference 75 Committee on Miscellaneous Business: Draft Law is dead. Tablet - the meeting had been scheduled for Rockport.

Spinal anesthesia is earnestly advocated by Dr.

The tonsils are sometimes markedly enlarged, and an intense active hyperemia of the soft palate exists. Vertigo is common, and there may be sudden attacks of coma, such as occur in general paresis.


The chair and the desk which the child occupies are washed with antiseptic solution after school and the balusters leading to the clinic loom are washed daily with an antiseptic after each clinic is held. First, enlarge the wound, if necessary, so as to get free escape of pus, and flush out freely with Carbolic three times a day (duovolt). A single positive blood test after negative darkfield examination should be repeated unless conclusive clinical signs are present: er. Histologically these are chiefly mesodermic (vascular) scleroses, which arise from the connective tissue about the blood-vessels. One, in particular, gave him wide popular reputation, his name for half a century being a household word in connection with the well knowTi and still venerated"hive syrup," which combination was his invention and which, according to a contemporary authority of standing.

50 - dose: Tablespoonful morning and At noon give a tablespoonful of the following: Or the following iron mixture may be used: the reticulum or second stomach. By adjusting the resonant cavity of the stethoscope to conform, for example, to a given heart sound, the clearness of the sound is much intensified and the deductions drawn are correspondingly more accurate. However, at the end of that period the stomach tolerated food, and the patient recovered. If they do not the medical social service worker tries to ascertain why the patient has not reported (100). Attention was called to the differential diagnosis between tuberculosis, carcinoma, and syphilis. It is very important that Ridge's food should be fresh; and as Nestle's is slightly laxative, it is not suitable when there is any tendency to diarrhoea. It should be remembered that vesical incontinence and a reduction of the vita sexualis are frequently the first manifestations of In discussiiig the treatment of impotence, it is well to adhere to the classification we have adopted for the etiology.

Such are, adds M, Beaumetz, the conditions which are imposed upon us by the administration of From Gazzetta Medica Italiana. Perfect vision, however, is never recovered. Mucous membrane in lower portion of ileum in a state of catarrhal case leave no doubt that notwithstanding the mildness of the febrile attack the patient suffered from genuine typhoid fever. True, it multiplies after being absorbed by the blood, and true also, the dose of lacteal arsenical is frequently repeated over quite a considerable period of time. But the writer, during the last few years, has done some experimenting with a stethoscopic resonator, adjustable so as to harmonize with tones of various pitch.

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