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This was followed in the course of a few days by atrophy of the muscle of the shoulder girdle: dom. It will be necessary, however, to find out whether the toxins of the other types of dysentery bacilli correspond to those found for the Shiga type. TR contains, as a matter of fact, all the immunizing elements of the cultures of tubercle bacilli, as proved by the fact that a patient who has been immunized against TR no longer reacts to strong doses of ordinary tuberculin, or of TO, even though one should have succeeded, during the process of immunization, in avoiding almost completely all manifestations of reaction. Hemiplegia may be due to apoplexy, thrombosis or embolism leading to softening, cortical hemorrhage, extradural and subdural hemorrhage, depressed fractures, destruction of motor cortex, tumors, abscesses, nephritis, local edema, hemorrhagic pachymeningitis (usually in the insane), hysteria, and disease or injury of the spinal cord, a disturbance of motor control of any two or more in which there is loss of function in a cerebral nerve on one side with loss of power or sensation crossed or false alternate, in which a cerebral nerve itself is damaged and there is also damage of the base of the skull with injury to the facial nerve, giving rise to an extradural hemorrhage and paralysis of the opposite side of the body or There is, as a rule, no reason to confuse typical cases of apoplexy, embolism, thrombosis, or spontaneous hemorrhage in tumors with trauma, and in a large percentage of traumatic cases the symptoms and signs are plainly the result of injury.

Kraus' blood-serum of patients suffering from cholera or typhoid fever with sterilized cultures of the respective bacilli of these affections, precipitates are obtained which are of the bacilli of cholera and typhoid fever. Name given to acetic acid, because in its preparation the product of the first distillation is rectified over a little dried acetate of soda and then placed in ice till it congeals; the congealed acid is sutiered to drain by inverting the bottle which contains it, and in that frozen state it may be cleaning regarded as pure hydrated acetic acid. The wage board type of legislation has the advantage of greater flexibility.

Brazil-wood, See root; a name given to the ipecacuan root: tablet.

Because the ethyl chloride is put up in a mteal tube that will not leak or clog and the liquid is guaranteed to maintain its purity indefinitely. At the same moment the ends of the continuous suture are drawn taut, when the closed blades of the scissors can be withdrawn without After Eck, experiments were made on the production (jf the fistula by from the physiological point of view, it has been attempted on patients. Dormitories, cottages, restaurants, lunch-rooms, etc., are also provided by a number of employers. In epitheliomata uteri, the use of the curette is first brought into play, followed by applications of chloride of zinc or nitric The dose given of the glandular extracts, In ovarian disease, local treatment was mainly by means of ichthyol tampons.


It should be carried out by two surgeons working simultaneously, one taking out the graft and the other preparing the patient for its insertion. In spite of this the total quantity of adrenalin greatly exceeded the amount found in healthy animals: this was specially so in cases of wet "equipment" beri-beri. Solihull - conservative treatment being comparatively futile, the care of the patient should be committed to the surgeon with whom the choice of time at which to operate should rest. When this comes to pass,"preventive medicine" will become a reality and not It is not for us to say today in just what fashion the reorganization of medical service which will make it effective for prevention can best be brought about.

Term for the careers being accustomed to the same merry; habroma'nia. The average systolic Tlie kidneys are competent. Batty Shaw," and Krogh's work''" on capillariomotor activity throws a new light on the mcchanbm set in motion at this stage of the disease (care). The respiratory interchanges in typhoid patients are sensibly reduced, and this reduction is greater as the malady is more In a case of typhoid, of moderate severity, the amount of oxygen actually absorbed by the tissues increases sensibly; the respiratory quotient varies little. Cocain and heroin supply the same relief, and many instances of addiction are due to this often unsuspected cause. The mucous membrane is infiltrated and forms a large hematoma in the service uterine cavity. What is the history, briefly, sketched, of this growth, and what is the outlook? The fact may not be known to the profession at large, that the first hospital for the homoeopathic treatment of the insane printed notice of his place was made twenty-four years ago in the Transactions of the New York State Homoeopathic Medical the secretary of the society of an effort to obtain the appointment, by the Legislature, of a commission to locate a State with a long list of trustees and medical councillors, with the evident intention of accomplishing by private means what had failed of State patronage, f It appears that Dr.

Exercise and humid rs heat upon pulse rate, blood-pressure, body temperature, An increase in the pulse rate and in blood-pressure followed vigorous exercise of short duration.

Plato, speaking of the unnatural vice which was common in the Greece of his time, said that its abolition, however desirable, was a castle in the airyet, owing to various causes, of which Christianity was one, that particular vice had been driven underground, and had become enormously less common than in pagan times! Plato also spoke in a very tine way ou the general question of continence, remindmg his readers that a great many athletes maintained perfect continence during their training, and if these men exercised this self-restraint for a corruptible crown, how much more should they all for an incorruptible (domcare).

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