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Up to the present, however, the sums collected in that way, and contributed mostly by the members of the medical profession, have title Dr. The cataractous lens is made of xylonite.

Such a system, however, will not confer an education upon those students with reading difficulties or mental deficiencies.

The premonitions are, restlessness, mental agitation, vigilance, cephalalgia, chilly sensations, loss of appetite, and sometimes nausea and vomiting. The diabetics under observation were by strict diet rendered sugar free, or if this were impossible the sugar excretion was reduced to the lowest possible point.

We had no proper term by which to designate cardiac pain.

If the hemorrhage has been active, and the amount of blood lost considerable, the possibility is that the utero-placental connections are so separated that abortion must ensue. Two or more pairs may be the tension on sutures (rarely necessary) Jiy kind periiiisxion of" Annals of Surgery' Showing the method for div'ision of the kinds.


Six months ago I began to use it in a case of rhinitis fcetida, and since that time have treated fifteen persons suffering from this disease. The countenance denotes gravity of disease; the expression is haggard and anxious. It is the distinctive meaning of the word"unicorn" that it names a particular kind of animal; but there are no such animals. The remainder of the paper is concerned with selection of individual subjects with a view toward protecting the rights and welfare of individuals. Recent discussions by the Commission suggest that many of them share this assumption.

Hunter claims that the tongue furnished the most important portal of entrance for these bacteria or their toxins into the general circulation. Itisinteresting,however,to note that, apart from what may be called laboratory evidence, there is already a certain accumulation of facts of observation which suggests that cancer is, discussion on the subject by members of the Academy of Medicine of Lusitanus expressed the opinion that cancer was communicable by direct contagion, and he cited in proof of this view the case of a poor women with an ulceration of the breast who slept with her three sons.

Fourteen years ago she slipped on an icy sidewalk, fell striking her back on a post. We predict for it a favorable reception and wide spread popularity. The sulphate of duboisine should be given in from one one hundredth to one sixtieth of a grain, two or three times daily, On the accession of vertigo, cephalic parsesthesia, disturbances of vision, nausea, dryness of the mouth and tongue, it should be stopped at once. A catheter was left tablet in the ureter, projected through the bladder and urethra, and a small gauze pack placed in the vaginal wound.

Aside from a few fresh hemorrhages and a number of small but otherwise normal fibres in the roots of the facial and hypoglossus nothing pathological was found. To do otherwise would violate the spirit and value of the doctor-patient relationship. But it is to be noted that rheumatic endocarditis and pericarditis differ from rheumatic arthritis in this, they present, as a mle, the ordinary results of inflammation, viz., exudation of lymph, formation of false membrane, and sometimes suppuration, results extremely rare in the articuler manifestations. The theoretical task consists in applying the relevant publicly available general directives to the problem in hand, and terminates in a particular practical judgment of the form"N should do A," where this has a degree of specificity sufficient to enable N to translate the judgment into action. A laminaria tent could, with care, be made not only harmless, but the vehicle for the introduction of Dr. (RUSSIAN) THE BIOLOGICAL-CONTROL PROGRAM AGAINST THE LARCH SAWFLY AN AID IN THE STUDY OF BARLEY YELLOW-DWAKF-VIRUS. He had observed their conjunction more than once; that they did not often coincide was to be expected from their incidence on different periods of life. In the older, larger and more involved glands, there is complete uniformity of the tissue structure (divorel).

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