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    His stand upon the question of the unity of human and bovine Although at the time of the London Congress on Tuberculosis I had collected a certain amount of evidence which convinced me of the correctness of my belief in the essential unity of tuberculosis as seen in man and in cattle, and in the intercommunicability of the disease between these two species of mammalia, research in every part of the world has been so stimulated since that time that to-day we are in possession of facts that seem to me to be irrefutable. In the experiments previous to this one the blood was drawn from the tail, and was consequently mainly arterial.

    Among those who have developed it with most success, we cite Leibnitz, Lecat, Ch. The moderately advanced cases are most numerous of the three active types. A field hospital was transported by the canal, and the flag of the hospital was pitelied in tlie earthworks that had been left by "od" the enemy. He became alarmed, and applied to me for advice. The respiratory sounds were very feeble, especially on the posterior aspect of the lung on the left side. Ernest Schmid; Ectopic Gestation, especially with Reference to Diagnosis and Therapeutics, by Dr.

    He deprecates the officious endeavors made by some of his subordinates to make ready for calling in the aid of the police to intimidate or punish those who may decline to answer, and intimates that the enumerators' duties will be done when they have set down the replies given them and recorded the refusals, leaving persons who fail to give full and explicit aoswers to be dealt with subsequently. I attended her in her lying in. We are now on the threshold of an er era in which psychology is going to be applied to the problems of mundane life: work, occupation, recreation; the spiritual, physical, social, financial, hygienic betterment of mankind, including ourselves. As regards criminality, or moral hygiene, as it is termed, At a recent meeting of the Academy of uses Sciences, M.

    Vision began to fail in June, the field 125 of vision was much contracted.

    The one, more particularly addicted f The reform introduced by Kant, in philosophy, relates principally to moral and metaphysical ideas, for which the doctrine of Locke does not offer a solid who, by a new method, reanimated the mind for researches, taught it to know its whereabouts, and led reason into a scientific route, by teaching it to know itself. Vogel, professor at Gottingen; third, the classification proposed by David Macbride, an Irish physician, in his Methodic Introduction to the Theory and Practice of Medicine; fourth, that of Melchior Sagar, based almost entirely on that of Sauvages; fifth, the Xosological Table of Louis Vitet, which may be found in his Treatise on Materia Medica; sixth, that of Erasmus Darwin, published under the title of Zoonomia, and remarkable for its originality, and the poetical imagination of its observation; seventh, and lastly, the essay of a general classification of diseases, presented by Selle at the end of his Pyrethologie Methodique; an essay which does not respond to the reputation of its author, and Sauvages after having examined at length, in his Prolegomena, what should be the basis of a good nosology, concluded with Sydenham, that it should be based only upon the constant phenomena and sensible characters of diseases.

    It is jfor this reason that the clinical aspect of the subject is emphasized in each section. Cameron, who specially investigated and published the circumstances, tells us" the boiled beef was permeated with bacteria and minute fungi," though he does not say, nor do I believe he thinks, that these produced the" poisonous effects.


    But some trifling matters of mutual discontent grew at length into coldness, and changed the old friendship which had united them into an irreconcilable hatred. I will only 500 call your attention to the most interesting cases.

    The priests who had so long been in possession of the doctrine of the people, yield now the grasp of the scientific scepter to the philosophers: they retained only the exclusive control of sacred rites, the monopoly of religious ceremonies. I have not tried it elsewhere.

    Mahomed related a case of chronic intestinal obstruction which turned out to be really a case of chronic "valex" intussusception, but which during life was difficult of diagnosis; and indeed, notwithstanding the passage of a portion of intestine four to five inches long, the question of cancerous disease was not excluded. A fortnight after this operation the part was firmly healed, and the urine passed naturally for three weeks, during which time the bladder, to a certain extent, regained its power of holding water, on one however, the fistula again re-opened without any obstruction to the flow by the urethra being noticed; urine came away by both channels, the incontinence being absolute. I promise you that I will help to arrange a program for the next meeting that will be of especial interest to all the States. Witness, for instance, the bewildering confusion in classifications in current text-books on white kidney,""parenchymatous nephritis,""glomerulonephritis,"" hiterstitial nephritis,""tubular nephritis,""diffuse nephritis,""granular kidneys,""indurative nephritis," the" arterosclerotic kidney," etc., and we are given to understand that each is a 250 separate type, with a distinct and separate gross and microscopic lesion of its Now upon what does the appearance of the disease of the kidney character and situation of the replacement connective-tissue fibrosis; compensatory changes in the intact portions of the kidney parenchyma. The"fatigue" of which these patients complain so frequently, and of which their 1000 poor per of Graded Exercises. The relation of age to infection seemed negligible except that there was no infection 750 among infants. This latter method is doubtless the least satisfactory and the most defective of all.

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