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    The slaves to the drug habit, whose numbers seem to be increasing around us, owe their condition, in only too many instances, to the unwise leniency of their medical adviser. Gairdner has v.Titten on this matter, as well as to the observations of several observers in my paper In the fluid in the large intestines, epithelium is also found after death, though the cells are not so beautifully seen as in AVhile on the subject of cholera, permit me to ask those gentlemen who have opportunities to observe the following Muchinterest was excited lastyear and this year in Southampton by the fact of an uterine bloody discharge (like catamenia) following the application of Dr. In ord'er to gain the confidence of the patient, and flatter his hopes of a cure, his complaints, though they are "af" but imaginary, should be attended to as if real, and with the greatest care. Many of these cases recover spontaneously and even suddenly after a few weeks or months, with or without treatment; others remain uninfluenced by treatment, the symptom persisting steadily for years. The Lord of life, and of death, gently, and with equal hand, will close their eyelids, and with the breath of life, when morning dawns, "diplene" refresh all theii faculties. The child was weaned at twenty-two months, having been fed nothing besides mother's milk, except a well-known proprietary food prepared with a small quantity of cow's milk. If, on the other hand, it is supposed that the splenic enlargement is due to the increased activity of the organ in destroying the red blood corpuscles, a possible explanation presents itself, for it is possible that the spleen may enlarge as a consequence of the increased output of red blood corpuscles from the bonemarrow, in order to bring about greater destruction of these corpuscles and to keep their number per cubic millimetre at a normal figure, thus obviating all the secondary evils which will infallibly result if polycythtemia occurs.

    First Homeopathic Hospital in Pennsylvania When we consider that Hahnemann resigned his position as parish doctor in might no longer incur the risk of doing injury," we can realize how deplorably unscientific the practice of medicine then was. No amount of training will insure his having been drilled in the medical school to act in the precise set of circumstances he is liable to encounter: only comprehension of principles abundantly, but at best partially, illustrated can guide him in the novel environments in which he will be placed.


    Diprolene - a patient can just as easily move his leg when broken, as change his thoughts when no external help from variety of objects is given him. In one or two instances the description does not altogether tally with the designation of the upon the plate"carcinoma scirrhosum," while in the text it is described as an example of" medullary cancer." This, however, is merely a slip.

    The teaching and training of nurses and midwives.

    Sir." Uis companions said that about midnight he opened his eyes, sat up, and asked for a bowl of water to wash his face. It is natural that with increased secretion and How of saliva towards the mouth, any localised obstruction by narrowing of the duct, either at its ostium or in its canal, should manifest itself by damming back the secretion and producing consequent enlargement and pain. As Chairman of the Court of Kxaminers, and the arbiter of the fate of many a candidate, he was just and considerate. No condition of life, no age is exempt. The issue is an extremely ointment controversial one, and it is impossible to review here the factual evidence in detail. Jane way has suggested that iodides have no direct eftect on blood-pressure, but aftect only the nutrition of the vessel wall, while Kolleston thinks that iodides act in arteriosclerosis by stimulating the secretion of the thyroid gland, and not by their depressant action on the circulation. Indeed, nothing is made plainer by the history of progress than man's inveterate price habit of temporarily adjusting really irreconcilable attitudes and practices. Buried fine catgut or Lembert suture enables one to restore the rectal functions with resiliency of tissue. AVhen, on the other hand, it gets the facilities it needs, it ceases to constitute a single logical division, for the same facilities, directed to different problems, reappear in each of several places. I saw him in four hours afterwards, apparently well. One of the marks by which a regular paroxtbm of GOUT is said to be of distinguished from diat of rheumatim, is the suddenness pf its onset.

    Goldscheider read a paper on the" Effect of Irritations in the Pathology and the Therapy of the Nervous System in the Light of the Neuron Theory." The neuron theory opens to us new views and ideas in the teaching of psychology and nervous disease. Yet his description concerning both these is so accurate, and the author is not afraid to add, his general mode of treatment so judicious, that we shall find side in the prosecution of this subject, both have been supported by the concurrent practice of the most approved As the local inflammatory action is more usually CoionitUof seat; and hence Dr.

    This is a work that we take great pleasure in endorsing and recommending to all physicians and students of chemistry. Its construction made necessary the passage of a law, said to be without a precedent in this country, which provides that the State shall pay to such employees of the mills at the time of the confiscation of the property a sum equal to six months' wages.

    Books on Anatomy, Physiology and Hygiene have been prepared for families and schools, and commendable efforts are being made to supply the masses with this most necessary information: effects. The doctors in each ward would gladly treat these paupers, and thus gain experience without robbing themselves and their colleagues, and without, as under the present system, teaching the rich and well-to-do A METAL DOUBLE-CURRENT RECTAL IRRIGATOR.

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