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One dish more largely used than any other, perhaps, is curry. In a short time the whole surface was bridged over, and only dc a red scar remained. The cervix and vagina were normal. He is of opinion that the primary lesion of tabes is an affection of" the centripetal protoneuroma" that is to say, of that part of the centripetal system which is made up of the afferent nerve fibres, the use ganglion cell, and its afferent fibres. No part of the subject escapes his notice; everywhere he presents uses new views and new facts. Relieves acute malarial fevers, while it has but a transient effect upon non-malarial fevers. Turkeys if allowed to remain in the cabbage lot will devour many chrysalids to emerge as butterflies to lay eggs for a second crop of worms. And in connexion with this subject I should like to mention a case in which a medical man of my acquaintance was called to see a woman who had been recently confined (for). Cold - the paralysis is flaccid, without contractures; the sphincters are normal; sensation is intact; the tendon reflexes are abolished, and the application of the faradic current has practically no effect. A covered corridor, not shown in the illustration on the next page, with sliding-doors to close in winter, facilitated communication between the wards and the other buildings. In the same way the injection of the bacillus lactis aerogenes produced violent cystitis, but developed gas only in animals rendered diabetic. The spleen was large and tuberculous; the kidneys natural. The tongue, at first moist and normal or covered with a whitish fur, became dry, hard and swollen; the bowels constipated; the pulse small and slow and the respiration labored, with profuse diaphoresis before death. Surgeon, Public Health and Marine Hospital Service. The pulse is rapid and weak, the in temperature elevated, the tongue dry and red, and there is, usually, refusal of food. This indicates that the uterus is heavier than normal: dca. This will readily be understood by those who have seen a wagon-train of sick soldiers en route to the rear.

Symptoms of true pregnancy may be present, including the"morning hindi sickness" and the violet discoloration of the mucous membrane of the vagina, which is due to impaired or disturbed circulation the same as in uterogestation. How are we to explain these cases of transitory aphasia, and what happens in such a case to the third left convolution? Probably an alteration in the circulation takes place, such as transient hyperaemia or anaemia, or a dynamic trouble of the nerve cells.


The skunk is the most prolific endemic source of the propagation of rabies in Arizona; there is no such thing as a"hydrophobia skunk" per se, but all skunks are, like a few other animals, very susceptible to rabies; and no particular species is more susceptible than another: tablet. Remember that you cannot have a genuine case of measles without the catarrhal symptoms which I have mentioned, and when you are called to see a child having a rash without sucfi catarrhal symptoms, you had To return to the treatment, and the importance of bringing about a thoroughly developed rash. Let them, however, take cold or become pregnant, or let any other cause supervene which severely affects the kidneys, and acute mischief, with all its what consequences, will appear.

We can pass, therefore, to the study of the best means for treating and checking rheumatism, reserving for a final consideration the explanation of their therapeutic action. The diet must be rather laxative and of a digestible character after an attack of this form of indigestion. There was an excess of serum in the pericardium; the heart urgent dry cough, hoarseness, small and feeble pulse and copious diarrhoea occurring after measles.

He is the chief executive officer of the local board. But let us not dwell upon these times; times which try the soul of many of those who brave fate, for fate is a fickle goddess, and for reasons of her own, reasons good and sufficient, often leaves the individual to stagger and fall, rise again and again to plunge deeper and deeper into the morass of disappointment. The partial views thus obtained, from our impatience to arrive at general principles, we immediately alTume as the bafis of a fyflem wliich we believe to be incontrovertible; becaufe, with unconfcious partiality, we exaggerate the importance of every argument which feems to fupport it, and neglecl or diftruft every facl with which Thus, having obferved that many difeafes of general debility are removed by tonics, and increafed by evacuations of every kind, we have hallily concluded, that in all difeafes where debility is have refilted the ufe of tonics, have either been confidercd as incurable, or our failure has been afcribed, not to our purfuing an erroneous method of treatment, but to our means having been too feeble, or employed too late; and, obilinately perfifting in the tonic plan on each fucceeding occafion, we pufh it with greater vigour, and with the fame want of fuccefs. There is no preventive agent of greater protective power in warding off a specific disease than vaccine virus. Such anomalies, however, are occafionally obferved alfo in the venereal difeafe itfelf. In some instances, prompt recourse to a suitable climate represents the determining factor; but this is only capable oi exerting its greatest influence when combined with a reasonable interpretation of modern hygiene and dietetic management. Every point in the case shows that the cause of death was rupture of the heart not following any violent exertion.

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