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    The change which takes place in the cow's milk, after calving, "emulgel" is not unfavorable to this view of the uses of the colostrum. As turbinates shrink, obstructed sinus ostia open, drainage and breathing injection become freer and the boggy feeling of a cold disappears. Peas are much the same as beans, only rather harder to digest.


    It is given to stallions in the travelling season The allowance is four or five ounces every night. The theory then became prevalent that nitrous oxide acted solely by excluding oxygen from the tissues and that its action was chiefly a matter of asphyxia.

    Rice, of where they lived in peace and comfort, and where many years were His parents were Presbyterians, his father an elder; and so faithfully honored officer in his church. The exports have, in fact, fallen mostly due to the fact that the new tariff came into operation in the course of the year, consequently the manufacturing interests required largely increased quantities of raw materials to fill orders which had been held in abeyance until the new rates came into effect. A"cross matched" team is one that is well matched except as to color, the two horses being- of contrasting or complementary colors, which render each other more vivid when placed together; such as white and black, or chestnut and white. The lettered engraving on the left; with the exrxana tion, shows the terms usually used in designating the principal external points and parts of cattle. The splint should be worn ten days or a fortnight; and after it has been removed, the bandage should be former strength.

    I do not think it is proper to class these cases under the head of masturbators.

    While he was being treated under treatment for this new syphilis he developed a gumma of the hard palate. As a result of the work that has originated through the study of the Abderhalden reaction, numerous efforts have been made to obtain specific ferments against bacteria, with results quite at variance. It follows that the carbonate of lime is a product of the doable decomposition that occurs between the sulphate of lime and 50 the carbonate of soda resulting from the incinerated choleate of soda, or bile. In every one of its vast departments each chief will as far as possible magnify his office by securing the publication of extensive and profitless reports, more profitless read than unread, and thus contribute a share to the burdens of the tax-payer. At the same uses time a stapedectomy, out. I now know that there would be a chance of getting some positive results with a non-specific serum, but it seems impossible for these resvdts to have been so uniform on any other ground than that of specificity.

    The suitable amount has to be therefore determined experimentally by using a given amount of normal as well as specific serum in parallel series and combining them with varying amounts of substratum. The point that struck me was that it might be a case cf cocaine poisoning. A large Luer syringe and a large lumen needle are used for the purpose. In this line, including horticulture, pretty much eveiything that is asked for is added, and with the establishment of the woman's department, household economy has received much attention.

    With regard to the technique, it should be borne in mind that before proceeding to follow up the veins the first step should be to expose the ovarian vein where it entered the vena cava or left renal vein and divide it. The treatment which proved most effectual was isolation, dashing cold water over the child, the faradic current, and judicious verbal correction. This vice is often due to errors in breaking.

    Very few works have reached us on the general subject, or on any of its great divisions treated in full (diclomax). I found, as long as I kept the blister from healing, that they did not suffer from the incontinence and for some time afterward before they had any return, and then they began their old habits of playing with the parts and the incontinence returned with the same regularity as before the blistering. During medical treatment, use, as an auxiliary, food that contains much lime, as clover, TO PREVENT A COW SUCKING HERSELF Put on a girth as tight as may be with comfort. In patients with known organic pathology there may be increased pain due The differential diagnosis must be made carefully through the psychiatric history, physical 75mg examination, laboratory tests, and, at times, the results of trial with therapeutic agents. Was copious and transi)arent, even though dark colored and most highly coagidable, the struggle was Acid during the first stage, it habitually preserves this reaction until convalescence or admixture with bile, when it becomes alkaline. Rostan Umbilical cord, influence of shortness of, on labor Wattman, Dr., on the gel treatment to be pursued on the admission of air into Mr. The results of feeding and inoculating guinea pigs with these lots of butter, together with the character and age of the butter tested, are recorded in the accompanying table.

    Such substances, appearing in the circulation as a response of the cells to the introduction of a foreign body, are known under the name of antibody.

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