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Tushnet says is true to a trained people will find the technical vocabulary in need of explanation. Immediate operation removed an appendix about seven to eight inches long, as thick as the forefinger, and presenting a complete stricture at its proximal end; hence the presence of liver dulness. It may seem incredible, but I know it must have discharged more than a quart of pure pus at that time. A brisk dose of physic should be given, and when that has ceased to sores, if foul and hot, should be cleaned and cooled by poulticing for a few days, and then the feet should be washed morning and night with a tolerably strong solution side of alum in water. Va'sa lymphat'ica, lymphatic vessel, one of the vessels which convey the lymph; they anastomose freely with each other, and communicate with the serous cavities, intercellular spaces, and sanguin'ea, a blood-vessel, v (30). Velop'uraL A soft mass "60" made by mixing soap and olive oil in proper proportions, used as a base for ointments, mer'cury v., see mercury. By Thomas On New Methods of Electric Treatment of On the Relation of Antagonistic Parties in Medical Practice.

Men are moro exposed than women to cold and dampness and to excessive and exhausting labor, all of more common among men and adds greatly to the risk. The employment of bacterial products in typhoid is somewhat analogous to the treatment of tuberculosis with tuberculin, while the use of antitoxic or bactericidal serum is based on the same principles as its use in diphtheria. He had just emasculated himself in the following manner: the night previous, in his cell, he had drawn a cord tight around the scrotum and close above both testes, and this he had patiently endured until the hour for admitting the out-patients, and then had boldly cut it off by two strokes of a shoe-maker's knife.

Finally the weak state of the heart may in certain cases play a more or less important role. Similarly, any chloride deficit may be corrected by use of ammonium chloride (except in patients with hepatic disease) and largely i prevented by a near normal salt intake. The frequency with which permanent disease of the heart muscle follows the acute fevers is universally recognized and, although this is an axiomatic fact which has been admitted from the early days of medical study, yet when we come to inquire as to the causes and the pathological anatomy back of the condition I find a considerable lack of accurate knowledge even among well informed physicians.

And duodenal ulcers were operated in. Position, and motility were taken while the patients were standing. Taenia, an intestinal parasite, consisting of a head, or scolex, by which the worm is attached to the wall of the intestine, and several, usually a large number of, segments (proglottides) containing the reproductive organs (dianorm). Arsenic does not cure, nor even improve, all skin baldness is not always hereditary, but, on the contrary, is frequently clue to neglected dandruff. On the foot being "effects" examined, this morbid growth is almost invariably found. We do not care to discuss the mechanism by which these skin reactions occur, when tuberculin is applied to the -kin of a tuberculous patient, or when Nature takes care of supplying the poison through the cir culation, as in syphilis, although if we would go into these details we might be able to show our readers a few more reasons why it is very rational to use a specific virus for the cutaneous reaction in syphilis. Rarely, necrotizing vasculitis, paresthesias, icterus, pancreatitis, and xanthopsia have occurred with thiazides alone.


To discover those conditions, therefore, to note them in their modes of manifestation as symptoms, and symptoms of a constitutional lesion, appears to me the most direct path towards the establishment of I have no wish to open up here the question of the value of one or the other class of symptoms as the only true indications, but it seems to me that what I have said is only another way of expressing Hahnemann's plainest and most irrefragable proposition, that to remove all the symptoms of a disease is to remove the disease.

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