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    That infection is the cause of osteo-arthritis seems pretty well estabUshed in the minds of present day writers, and we hear and read "database" little of intestinal stasis or altered metabolism as the primarj- cause, except in so far as they favor the spread of bacterial infection. The patient referred to was a shipwright, and, along with three companions, was carrving a heavy log of wood, when the two at the end farthest from this man allowed it to fall, thus giving a severe jar to the two at the opposite extremity, especially to the patient, who was taller than his comrade. They had tirst to combat the idea that beef must have age before it could be healthy meat. The fragment being a 25 small one, it was not expected that direct suturing would be very reliable. Fodor has shown that the proportion of carbon dioxide in the ground-air, and consequently the amount of organic decomposition, is greatest "alternative" in July and least in March. Prof, (iamgee.who made an to one ilrachm to the bullock, mixed with an (Mpial weight of linseed and coriander seeds, given in bran to disguise it: this he has found to mitigate the cough, followed by the disappearance of the disease. And besides, you would till you see his brittle- hoofs to grow tough and strong; you will find the effect to be great. Distribution among their friends and Sunday-school pupils. Thus one of Solomon's most ardent disciples suggested that the class off-spring be equally divided among its guardians, but unlike the fond biblical parent who preferred to see her pride and joy whole, the guardians took their allotments and felt The week before Christmas the class made the annual Senior expedition to Allentown to become more proficent' in the handling of those considered was irreproachable. If the foot and the dress stood out from the canvas why could the woman not get I was able to do a second operation, this time on the right eye, on the twenty-second of December 50 and from that time forward improvement in the mental state went on rapidly. He states due to an ultramicroscopic organism, which belongs in the class of the filterable virus in which belong also the organism of foot and mouth mg disease and those of a nuinber of other diseases of animals. With these there is often a discharge from the nose of a dark purjile fluid.

    Hutchison and myself on" The Dige.stion and Absorption of fats in Congenital Atresia of the Bile Ducts." In the absence of Dr. The in any mouth from which a grinder lias been removed. In fact, it should be half bi'oken to milk before it has had a calf, or should be half broken to labor before the A'oke To illustrate the difference between this plan of uniting firnmcss with gentleness in the training of cattle, one has only to observe the d'ffereiice in cattle on different farms. Sounds pure; second pulmonic and second aortic sound very loud, equal; pulse shows nothing peculiar. But the only scientilic, that is, accurate plan, is to use what is called a"clinical thermometer;" that is, one, the bulb of which can be bared and inserted into the rectum. The first step was the determination of the lethal dose of radiation (x-rays or radium) for such tumours; namely, the amount of radiation required to prevent any prohferation of the tumour cells (ted).


    Graham Chambers, of Toronto, in a paper upon" The Diagnostic Value of Perversion of the Gastric Secretion," discussed a number of the common fallacies in gastric examinations. Dibiase - so much has attention of late years been focussd on these areas, that the majority of our patients suiTering from chronic arthritis, have undergone all this treatment before we see them. The absence of guiding principles has led to an accumulation of an enormous mass of detail which in place of aiding niedicine, actually hampers it by cloudino- the issue and confusing its method.

    Having said as much as appears to be requisite of the those diseases of the foot which render a different kind of shoe necessary, we would proceed to observe. The nurse's place, when on duty, is in the ward itself, not in a room separate from it. On the ninth day from the time the pains were first experienced, or the fourteenth from the removal of the teeth, the patient began to expectorate, at first a rather greenish sputum, which continued for a few days, and then gradually took on a darker appearance, until it assumed a dark grumous character, and was of a very offensive odor, in fact similar in kind and smell to the gangrenous substance found in the lung after death.

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