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It should not be so hot as to be enervating, nor so cold as to prevent out-door exercise and proper ventilation of houses. For cosmetic purposes solely, the operation should not be performed except, perhaps, for a small nodule which The mortality of the operation has dropped, according to Bruns, The incisions recommended by different operators are either Y or Y-shaped, in the case of the removal of both lateral lobes, cr or along the border of the sterno-mastoid if one lobe only is to be removed. Pancreatic haemorrhage should be thought of if symptoms of peritonitis develop without obvious cause, or simulate biliary colic, no hepatic symptom having been previously noted.

Of course, due to The results of the above experiments go to prove that the alleged loss of bactericidal power in blood-serum heated to demonstrated by the conductivity method. Much serous effusion into the pleurae, pericardium, and peritoneum was discovered. In every case of leprosy the bacillus leprce is obtained. It is because it is believed that this will be the case that there is a wide-spread hope and expectation that these combined institutions will endeavor to produce investigators as well as practitioners, to give to the world men who can not only sail by the old charts, but who can make new and better ones for the use of others. Reference is made to a series of cases in which surgeons have lost healthy patients from the injection of iodine into a goitre, death occurring either on the operating table plus or within a few hours after the injections.

In welcoming you to our ranks, we would remind you that our profession is one of intrinsic nobility and dignity. Swinburne was always very popular in the community, and after his return to Albany he served one term as mayor of the city, and one term as a member of Congress.

The paper in the room was found to and extending through three fifteen grains to the square yard, and it was observed that onducted to the patient's bedinch was protected only by a portiere, with an open space at the top. Hunter did not try to include all of the broad ligaments in one instrument.

The case was followed during the succeeding action was disordered and stormy, but its tones were clear, without a murmur. Halluncinations happen and it has been noticed that after eating certain foods a transitory noxious influence is produced upon the intellect. Accepting this, it would seem that the 25 rational course to pursue would be to correct the deformity at the earliest possible moment, so that the process of ossification may go on in the proper manner, with the bones of the foot held in correct position, and it is therefore important to decide when that earliest possible moment is. (The Influence of Rationing on the Scurvy Past and Present. Of course, the treatment of the diseased urethra will uses in such cases cure the hemorrhage.

He isolated these, and made inoculation experiments with pure cultures; and, as a result, concludes that the pyocyanic bacillus plays a prominent part, but that it is constantly aided by the streptococcus of erysipelas.


The effort to remedy conditions was exerted chiefly in the direction of the children and a fairly successful effort was being made to feed all the children in.Austria who were not otherwise provided for. Miller, of tablet Illinois, Luther Benson and Charles Vaughan became insane; ex-Congressman Hopkins also went mad and died soon after treatment. Remittances should be made by money order, draft, or registered In these days, when public attention has been called so strongly by the centennial observances at New York to the personality of Washington, we have thought it might be of interest to our readers to be reminded of the part which the representatives of our profession played in his personal and public life.

Campbell gives some very useful advice as to breast feeding. These symptoms indicate the real trouble, which is a mitral stenosis, and mistakes in diagnosis must be carefully avoided. The percussion note in the right apex on the third day after the back, the moist rales persisted, varying slightly from and a few moist rales were again heard in the right apex; the respiration in the upper right back was The patient about this time was taken from the ward and put into a private room and given all the nourishing food possible. Xo other case is stated to have lived more than twenty-five hours. These tumors may become sarcomatous. All remedies which have been tried from time to time elsewhere, have been tried here, and every new therapeutical proposition experimented with.

Numerous species of the trematodes, flat worms, or flukes are parasitic in man, and the principal ones will be considered separately. In three cases the whole or main source was apparently an arsenical paper covered in by another free from arsenic. To obviate this a pad is placed in the centre of the back to prevent the backward projection in sitting, and the belt is placed in front of the abdomen to limit its projection while the which the daily range of temperature was wide in conjunction with a low relative humidity.

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