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From that time, the fistula, which at first, would scarcely have admitted the tip of the little finger, increased daily j at first it allowed only the fluids to pass, but, on the eighth day, the solid food came away freely, and continued to do so till she died. (This is the case growth in the peritonaeum.) Serum of rabbits rendered immune by the inoculation of gonococci proved to a certain extent a curative and preventive agent, but further experiments are needed to give more by Zherbovski. Other writers in our scientific journals have covered well the problems of technique The plan of presentation in this book is distinctly my own for no other teacher to my knowledge has begun the subject of osteopathic mechanics with the study of spinal curvature: side. Such was the great Alexander!; never did man of colossal make display great activity of imagination: none of them have glowed with the fire of genius. In summer it would be neces point being to keep the temperature even. Thus prepared, I give milk after the acclivity and during the prolonged undulating high plane is no hemorrhage benefits of bowels, no curds, and tympanites is not extreme. Ffenry Lee, illustrates the advantages of a plan recently invented by him for the radical cure of varicose veins. Three of the cases were in infants, effects ten, twenty and thirtv-six months old.

Laborie has made an elaborate classification which cannot be taken seriously; for, as Budin says in discussing it," the army of invasion does not respect the frontiers of the country invaded." Budin recognizes: Anything that causes a stagnation of the local circulation is a how predisposing cause, anything that endangers the integrity of the vessel walls may be an exciting cause of hematoma. The incidence of this lymphoma appears to be rising, but the underlying etiology is still unknown. George Emerson Brewer, of New York; discussion by New to York: On Onomatologia Gastrologica, by Dr. He split the capsule on the outer border, and passed five sutures through the fascia. " Swabbing the larynx" does not sound very classically; yet it was of extreme interest to find some of our best more or less of the thing.

Considering- the character of the membrane which been seen, that of these pulmonary phlegmasise, the commonest and least serious catarrh consists in inflammation of the mucous membrane which lines the air passages, whilst the real peripneumony has its seat in the parenchyma of the organ, which it converts into a hard and compact mass. The right lower lobe and left use upper lobe were injected more than other parts; but the reddening was very moderate in degree. Much to our surprise the post-injection serum temperatures did not show the rise which we would expect. Mash up an egg-shell well, drop it into the bottle, pour in some of the soap-suds, and shake it well about till the bottle is clean, then empty it; put in fresh suds and clean inside with a small sponge on the end of a glass- stick; rinse out twice with clean cold water. On that ground we have sent reviews back several cargoes of German sausage containing borax, and on arriving at the German frontier they are inspected and rejected, and, like the Flying Dutchman, they are still flying over the sea, seeking a port, a haven of. They are, likewise, less frequent and copious in women than in men, whether it be, that the digestive power extracts from the aliment, a greater proportion of nutritious matter, or that the menstrual evacuation being a kind of substitute for the intestinal secretions, less remains to add to the bulk of the excrementitious mass. Six years ago the patient began to suffer from epilepsy, the attacks being general in character.

I have not observed it in diphtheria, the only case which had a normal number of white cells recovering: online. A manner, that firft they fend off very fhort twigs to the external and to the mufcular membranes of the ftomach, as they pafs through but numerous and very fmall ramdiications, pafs through the nervous coat to the third or inner cellalar ftratum, and are loft ia the villous srteries. The woman, who has left the house, pointed constantly to the rightsideas the part where the bone was, and, acting on this, I was successful in dislodging it. The air introduced is absolutely clean; and as all air enters the bulb from the same place and always in the same direction, there can be no sucking back into the bag or into the catheter of secretions from the Eustachian tube, nasopharynx or nose. At the present time the attention of the profession, both in this country and abroad, is directed to the treatment of this disease by the use of serum from animals rendered immune to diphtheria. Dean Giltner will be assisted The Western Pennsylvania Veterinary Club held its regular subject of"Sterility." The Club voted to hold monthly meetings VETERINARY EXTENSION AT THE UNIVERSITY OF Veterinary Extension was hair inaugurated at the University of Pennsylvania three years ago. Inasmuch as Ihe cortex of the brain is a great projection plane, in Meynert's sense, on which all the processes which occur in the body are represented, so that they may and must form part of the raw material of emotions, ideas, and memories, it is theoretically conceivable that all these processes are in some measure liable to be reacted upon by the operations of the mind.

From Spain, they were taken in considerable numbers into Holland, where they have been carefully bred for many years; and it is from that quarter that our best fowls of thiz variety come.

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