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Of Epilepsy and the Care and Treatment of Epileptics will be held in Washington, D.


That the real heroes of the Spanish-American war were the United States soldiers who had volunteered to run the risks of being inoculated with yellow fever. Elliot believes that other processes besides the recognized pyogenic cocci are capable of producing pus, and that non-pyogenic organisms are capable, under certain conditions, of acquiring pus-producing properties.

By inserting a needle through the infraorbital foramen, a large volume of fluid is driven back into the canal. Her exhibition shows graduated occupations for sick folks of all ages.

True conjugate before the onset of labor Caesarean section is the operation of election. This treatment has been much discussed; according to certain authorities the work of the heart is diminished by dilatation of the peripheral vessels, according to others the result is a general rise of arterial pressure. Reviewing the steps to be taken in the Bottini operation, says that the patient should be placed on his back on the table, the bowel having been washed out.

Frequently when hearing of our studies, people would ask how these bacteria withstand such an inhospitable climate.

Dosage - for three years previously, she got out of breath whenever she went up a staircase or made an effort.

When told to hold out his hands, they swayed violently and were tremor.

Boerhaave himself states that the wound becomes painful again, and that vague pains subsequently show themselves in the neighbouring regions also.

It is more frequently done in Germany, yet so eminent an authority as Professor Curschmann thinks that it is unnecessary in carefully conducted in hospitals. Deletus - when conduction is slightly impaired at the atrioventricular junction, the stimulus from the atria reaches the ventricles, it is true, but more time is required for its transmission than in normal conditions.

When we disobey this law of repose, there is a constant friction that must, in time wear out the mechanism. It would seem hindi as if they recoiled from the fearful truth, and dreaded to acknowledge it thirty-six hours. Rare grace of presence, with a quiet dignity and reserve, made him a marked man in our gatherings, and his genial and unfailing courtesy and sweetnes of manner gave him an unrivalled popularity The too, too slow relief of lingering fate' he bore with a becoming patience and equanimity, and while restful death came to him as a longed-for friend, to us the joy in his release is tempered with sorrow at the thought that we shall see his face no more." I From Our Special Correspondenl.l TION PRIVILEGES OF ITS.MEMBERSHIP ITS SCIENTIFIC WORK ITS POLITICAL WORK THE MEMBERS THE CENTER OK GR-WITV IN THE A.MONG the medical questions of t'-e day here may perhaps be counted the reform of the British Medical Association. It remedies the glaring and serious defects in the present constitution. I have observed a few anotnalies in cases coming very early and where I made a mistake in diagnosis for that reason. While turning a somersault from the shoulders of a companion he had fallen a distance of about five feet, and struck on his head. During the third week strychnine, digitalis.

These nervous symptoms did not al)ate after cold weather began. Ls - this discovery is of very great importance as regards prophylaxis in this disease and affects the hope of entirely stamping it So far the treatment of these chronic carriers with the attempt to prevent further excretion of the bacilli has been without permanent result.

Abundant exercise and rugged health flout at dietetic indiscretions and excesses, but when all the nutritive functions, handicapped by the defective excretion that comes with lack of sunshine and exercise, are strained to supply an overworked brain, only a diet well balanced in its ratio of fats, carbohydrates, and proteids, and adapted in quantity, quality, and digestibility to the needs of the individual child, can save him from nutritive disaster. On auscultation the heart is found to be irregular, and the beat can be heard easily over any part of the thoracic cavity. Consequently rest and freedom from all sorts of excitement, combined with careful attention to the diet, is the most rational prescription. But in the nature of things there must be many small institutions throughout this country that cannot afford the high priced expert, and that yet need capable and efficient administration to conserve the resources of the establishment and to promote the welfare of the patients; and there are many connected with the acquirement of the means for maintenance who want light on various phases of administration. Vaughn, in the July number of the American Journal of the Medical Sciences, says that he concludes from investigations made by Drs. In indefinite febrile affections, with elevated temperature, furred tongue, and foul-smelling stools, the use of thymol by the mouth, with irrigation of the large bowel by eucalyptol and soap-suds administered in the knee-chest position, has often effected This class of cases may be due to the action of the typhoid, influenza, or coli bacillus. The writer thinks that to follow the Americans would be to perform a laparotomy for every case of hunger pain; he gives, therefore, a diagnostic method: Wash the patient's stomach with a dilute solution of glacial acetic acid; under its influence the pyloric sphincter contracts, closes the gastric cavity, and protects the seat of duodenal ulcer.

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