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In all serofibrinous pleurisies the absence of a demonstrable positive nontul)erculous cause should be accepted as a presumptive evidence that the case is really one of tuberculous pleurisy, and the case should be watched and handled as a case of incipient tuberculosis for a period of not less than two years. Hen lice are very small, reddish looking, and travel very fast. Afterward he was elected on the surgical staff of the Middlesex Hospital. It is the difference between a fire in the right place and a fire in the wrong place.

The following types are mentioned: Congenital or developmental retroversion, especially in young girls, and usually without symptoms. The question of concomitant administration of sodium bicarbonate is still debatable but there is good reason to believe that it lowers the desired blood levels of renal excretion of the drug and that, contrariwise, acidic urine reduces renal excretion and thereby raises the blood levels." In those persons Avho were salicylate intravenously for the first dav or two yvas found to be ouite safe when given slowlv. That there are cases in which a palliative colotomy is applicable the most ardent advocate of radical methods will not deny, but they will hardly come into consideration when speaking of curative means. Charles Stedman Bull, of New York, discussed"Some Points in the Symptomatology, Pathology, and Treatment of the Sinuses Adjacent and Accessory to the Orbit" (see took up the" Diseases of the Accessory Sinuses in Their Relation to Diseases of the Eye"; Dr. An otitis properly treated will generally cease in two or three weeks. In the treatment of children with scrofulous predisposition by a hardening system, they should have as much fresh air as possible; by this it is not meant that they should be made to suffer from cold either by being exposure of the body to the air, and rubbing well with a rough towel may be tried once or twice daily; frequent washing price with warm water (not too freely used) is preferable to cold affusions or baths.

Kelley said that the great object in writing this paper had been to emphasize the fact that physicians should not forget how to use their hands and eyes, and to interpret what they discovered in this way, even though they had at their disposal many instruments of precision unknown to the skilled diagnosticians of old. The way of carrying out the exjieriment is of the simplest: the patient is seated; the telephone earpieces are placed to the ears; the patient begins to speak; the current is started; he either raises his voice or he does not do so; the current is then cut The experiment is all the more conclusive when the patient does not resist, and the more he is occupied by what he is saying the less he is on the defensive. There can be no doubt that in many instances its use hghts up a latent process; the slight fever of reaction is continued into a fever of tuberculization, and the diagnosis is confirmed at the expense of awakening a more rapid progress of the disease. These methods of" filling" the cavity with pastes and cements, etc., have been frequently tried, but they have proved of doubtful value. It was a capital little teapot, solid, bright as hands could make it, and ornamented with a robust young cherub perched upon the lid, regardless of the warmth of his seat. Savdng that it takes some time to get used to darkness; but this is not an explanation.

Westphal' s case was not, in 100 the ordinary sense of the word, distinctly epileptic nor does he give it that name. This patient corresponded in type to the characteristic cerebral sensory paralysis in that it extended to about the middle line and in that it was more marked in the distal parts of the extremities, a fact which, as Bonhoffer pointed out, refutes Munk's views concerning cerebral sensory localization.


At this age, too, he shesls the four remaining temporary molars or grinders, which are replaced by four more permanent molars. By its action on the cerebro-spinal centres it seemed to control the convulsion more quickly than anything else, and it was easily given. This Any one "use" of the factors listed in column II (Table Patients who manifest any single factor listed under column II are usually critically ill -have an ( More Than Two (Any One Factor Factors Below Below Is Indication Associated disease. I'd like to say goodby; but he's asleep after a weary day, so don't wake him. It excellent appliance with which the wearer can carry out the majority of the actions of everyday life. Give him water, and although he attempts to drink he is unable to do so because of paralysis of the gullet. For a while it presented the symptoms of a lesion of one-half of the intabolin cord. Gustav Blech, of Chicago, spoke of a case of hysterical aphasia that he had seen in a boy of four e.xperience in a small town, she would say tliat hysteria was quite common among children.

He then sterilizes the mixture in a Koch sterilizer and places it in Erlenmeyer flasks or Petri dishes. : Take si.x to nine pills every morning on an empty active principle of digitalis is digitoxin, though its activity does not represent more than one fourth of the total power of digitalis leaf.

On the other hand, influenzal sinusitis and skull fractures did not have a higher mortality than 25 those in whom no focus was demonstrable. As a result of their experience, they advise that intravenous injection of typhoid protein is indicated only in the beginning stage of the pneumonia. A committee was appointed to draw up a scheme for preventing personation on the register. Why didn't you let us know you were coming so soon? How have you been? and what makes you so Mrs. To lessen the gap ordinarily existing for disabled persons between the period of treatment and their return to work, is in operation 50 at its new headquarters San Francisco.

Symmetrical and bilateral foci of softening produce marked disturbances of hearing and even complete deafness.

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