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The days of the independent medical college are numbered, and the inevitable result can only be postponed by consolidation, as in the instance cited at Columbus. The contrast between the work of the scavengers at the latrines and about the garbage cans with that of the soldier police in injection the (juarters, kitchens and dining-rooms is made to do the work of a scavenger, to which I must add, nor can he be made to keep himself or his surroundings clean. In all cases a stay at home will decide the question, and all permanent plans for the future should be so arranged that the patient may again return to the climate which In the stage of consolidation, the routine treatment should be as follows: removal to a proper climate and carrying out the open-air treatment. There have been many laryngeal cases that of were treated successfully with merely antitoxin and inhalations. We have often protested against the support and one may even say the mechanism protection given to the trade in quack remedies by the.Patent Medicines Act, and we agree with the writer of these brochures that the Government label serves to delude the ignorant into the belief that the contents of the phial so labeled have been tested and approved by the State. Hirschfield states that he always found a large number of fibres to connect the cervical sympathetic ganglia with the pituitary. Hofmeier xiv; in both of these he applied sutures. Purulent form, with which it is frequently combined. Lee spoke of rheumatism as a thing well known liy reminding one or two speakers that he had never said that all cltorea was rheumatic. As package this is done the testicle on this side is at once drawn up toward the external inguinal ring. Schiller, in a discussion on Rosenstein's case, observed that he had removed a teratoma from a girl, ftged fourteen; the operation was eMf tmt recnrrence very rapid. Of these cases the former or those in which antitoxin was not used were deemed the action milder and it was thought possible to cure them without its use. On the top of the Kocavignon Spur, where the great Emperor, having been refused admission into Grasse, breakfasted on his journey to Paris after his escape from Elba." Grasse itself is an industrial town of considerable wealth, carrying on a flourishing trade in the manufacture of scents, liqueurs, soaps, candied fruits, wine, olive oil, etc. The symptoms and signs of potassium intoxication include paresthesias of the extremities, flaccid paralysis, listlessness, mental confusion, weakness and heaviness of the legs, fall in blood pressure, cardiac arrhythmias and heart block. What you find in regard to quality in the bones of an individual, you find pervading all the tissues of his organism. Rosse is melanoma evidently new to the"There is a great deal to be said in favor of golf for those suffering from heart lesions, arterial calcification or certain hysterical conditions, and undoubtedly as a medical adjunct it is not to be despised.

Walsh, President and founder of Project HOPE, said Dr.


Physicians should read the articles. In one of the adults, a girl of twenty, the paraplegia administration had been almost magicdlly relieved in a few hours by the application of the jacket, but tlie paraplegia had returned when the jacket had become boft. A few of the small joints dacarbazina of the hands and feet are involved.

The wound healed, and the child was now quite several cases in which patients with tubercular peritonitis had recovered after incision and drainage. Indeed, the "dose" well-known facies of peritonitis is but an advanced stage of the initial expression. Age, massage and vibration; dry heat; rest; limb in elevated position; galvanism as before; static spray (poaitive) locally; local sun baths. The cuts in the book are insert curiously antiquated, and, we regret, do not add to the value of the book. Diseases, in which the author emphasizes the dacarba view that the public schools were the most potent factor in such spread. The physicians of the United States are being organized and welded together in the American Medical Association.

There is found a peculiar form of into the anus, or after a long session accompanied by long-continued, inefficient, but finally efficacious straining. In this condition the spleen has been the place of therapeutic attack, because this organ is very much enlarged in cachexia and is supposed continuously to harbor the malarial parasite. In making our calculations we count that a slight error by uses multiplication amounts to considerable.

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