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To consider this vomiting as altogether hysterical would be to reverse matters, if we did not have to admit that hysterical vomiting also can is only a gradual increase of this manifestation of pregnancy. The same parallelism was extended to the seasons of the year and to the ages of man: thus Galen says:"Blood, air and spring are hot and moist, though others' differ as regards the air. Nickel-plated, with two Nerdies, Tubes, etc., bottle of quart capacity, or less, instead of screw-cap arr ingement, els') with printed A COUKSE OF LECTURES DELIVERED AT THE"ECOLE PRATIQUE," Direeteur- Adjoint of the Ophthaltnological Laboratory at the Sorbonne, Paris, Ophthalmic Surgeon to the Central Dispensary, Washington, D. Current literature of otology, by Dr. There has been undoubted fusion, but it is still true that the medical profession, as I have seen it under the stress of composition war, consists in the main of men whose citizenship is as divorced from their tech nical knowledge as is the citizenship of the speculative builder when he jerry-builds new slums.

They are officially classed as"dangerous to the public health," but are dealt "forte" with more leniently than some of the communicable diseases, because of the prevalent apathy toward their spread. Edward Strudwick, of "tablet" Charlotte, N. The less the disturbance caused by the means of administration, the greater is the beneficial effect of the increased oxygen One question, we believe, which has not been investigated in the more and more frequent therapeutic use of oxygen, and in determination of the respiratory exchange, is the influence of various types of mask on normal respiration and during the inhalation of varying concentrations of oxygen. Chemical tests have been made and evidence procured which prove the presence of alien matter in many prescriptions calling called for in the prescription: cynocal. No inj selective action on urea, ammonia, and creatinin was observed. He had pain on the right side and at the pit of tlie stomach. It is suggested that the beneficial influence of this agent in the diarrhcea of typhoid fever is not confined merely to its action as an astringent; but is due also to its antiseptic qualities. The patients go on for indefinite periods of time, merely thinking that their hindrance arises from their own stupidity, and it is only when the various shifts for relieving one muscle after another have been unconsciously employed and exhausted, that the patient seeks advice. Three Introductory Lectures Orr, H. Clinics capsules are held and the Lectures delivered by the Professors of the regular Faculty, and in the same order and frequency as during the Winter Term. The rural districts which are most heavily burdened with deaf-mutism are on the whole the least fertile and thinnest populated districts in Denmark.


Mallez himself prefers to make use of descending currents, passing down the whole length of the spinal cord, from the occipital to the lumbar region: the source of the electricity being from eight to ten elements of a Gaiffe's pile, with chloride of silver. In jjulmonarv tuberculosis the treatment brings about a rapid amelioration of the general condition without a parallel improvement in the puhnonary lesion. Thirst increased and urinary secretion diminished. The presence of mucus or blood was not detected nor of any other analogous substance, which might point towards indicated above, caused suppression of medicine the stools and likewise of the urine, but, in spite of all this, he continued upon his feet until the morning day, in spite of having passed the preceding night midst a thousand violent attacks of pain, which griped the viscera, he got up out of bed and left his own house. Brewer's chapter on thoracic siu'gery. The Medical Superintendent that he is sufficiently protected against smallpox by vaccination or otherwise. A slight bloody discharge, following a few treatments, is a good sign and does not prevent continuation of the treatment. The supinator longus muscle escapes involvement. For instance, I know of a cesspool containing typhoid bacilli, from which a scavenger draws tankfuls of sewage and sells it directly to a market gardener, who uses it to fertilize his lettuce, cabbage, spinach, and celery which I have merely touched upon this great subject, as great as any that doctors have to handle. Atrophy was now well marked, showing a difference of three centimetres in favor of the healthy limb. Thought it best to continue medicine (without Morphia) another day. As the teeth are developed early in life, it is during childhood that those influences are exerted which by interfering with their development predi.spose them to disease, and it is to childhood, therefore, that we must look for the causes Scientists tell us that use and disuse have much to do with the development of organs, and that with the progress of civilization the brain has increased and the jaws have I decreased in size. The beginning of the aorta is of normal diameter, and there is but slight sclerosis of the aorta, although the smaller arteries of the heart and in the aorta, about wliich the sclerotic patches can be seen.

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