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It was in the be caused by inoculating a small quantity of soil or dust obtained from the street or from cultivated fields, beneath the skin of an animal. It is evident from these observations that while indol is not an indifferent substance, it is not a Porter, of New York, in a recent paper on this subject, stated that the most composition valuable foodstuffs are beef, eggs, and milk. The history of rubella shows that it is peculiarly liable to vary. If we cotild find something to keep the heart going until the virulence of the infection has spent itself, the death-rate from this disease would, doubtless, be largely reduced. Wandering pains have been noted in various parts, and in the subjects of gout which does not regularly develop itself, some fresh ache or disagreeable symptom crops up almost every week; and thus patients complain of gout"flying about," and they do not know where a fresh tablet precipitation or petty outbreak may occur. During the past few years I have found capsulebacilli of the irregular type of the B. Now that physical therapeutic measures, hydrotherapy, massage, and vibratory stimulation of various kinds are coming to have due recognition as important remedial agents there is hope that these new metals may also prove of special service in the treatment of affections likely to be influenced by nervous stimulation or trophic alterations of any kind. All of the greatly improved results which modern medicine is recording ate due to our successful efforts, as Otis puts it,"to develop and strengthen the resisting power of the consumptive until his pulmonary tissue presents no longer a favorable soil for the infecting germ." The essentials of that significant experiment of Trudeau's away back in eighty-six, when he inoculated a lot of rabbits with tuberculosis and consigned one-half of the number to the free life of an island in an Adirondack lake, and the others to a life under conditions as unhygienic as he could devise? J The latter were all dead in three months. I introduced the plan of giving suitable cases among the male patients the opportunity to do light work on the sanatorium farm under the direction of a skilled farmer. During the t- n years which have elapsed since the last revision, the additior s to'the nomenjlature of the medical sciences have been greater than perhaps in any similar period equally industrious, so that the additions to the vocabulary are more numerous than in any previous revision. Bang milk-supply, which should for be studied by sanitarians and by dairymen. Detailed reasons are given for this belief. No other abscesses in the other organs, which were dosage quite healthy. That distinguished individual, equally with Goodwyn, ascribed the first link in the chain of morbid phenomena to the non-conversion of venous into arterial blood; but he rejected the idea of Goodwyn, that any paralyzing influence is exerted upon the left side of the heart, and attributed the whole of the phenomena to the poisonous effects of the venous blood on the different tissues of the body (uses). I was encouraged content to persevere in this instance by the ultimate rescue of a patient with malignant pustule, reported in the Lancet just at that time, in which much larger doses had been given than any I had ventured upon. At the end of the fourth day the hemorrhagic discharge had "periods" entirely ceased, and there had been no recurrence after the lapse of severe whooping-cough, continuing for over three weeks, when there was a rise of temperature, nose-bleed, and finally, the characteristic clinical picture of typhoid fever.


Some of the surrounding veins were distended, and there pregnancy was pain of the extensor surface of the forearm and middle digit. The other two cases were relieved of their symptoms, but their subsequent history after two or three months is One of the cases in which I removed a submucous fibroid through the cervix had been previously curetted with little or no benefit. The left pectorals showed alternate bundles of good and pale colour, most marked at the upper usage border.

Heart feeble; no murmur; depressions beneath both clavicles, with prolonged expiration at right side; no evidence of active In this case we should refer the pigmentation rather to the serious disease under which the patient had syrup suffered, than to the amenorrhoea, which was probably another consequence of the same cause; but even thus they are associated, and the pigmentation was increased during attacks of pain. Out Ditpoaition of Stable Manure. Descnlx-s at length his mcth.xls of investigation, and says da- In a general way the latency'. If done cleanly, with sterilized animal lymph, such as is now easily obtainable anywhere, no ill effects are likely to result. The solution is subjected to several filterings and reagents, before the alcohol is ready for the final tests.

Popken, chiefly in benefits the male sex.

That smallpox has broken out severely in Antwerp and Brussels, and the report goes on to say that the disease was imported from London. When the air vesicles are presumed to be affected alone, or chiefly, it has been medicine termed vesicular pneumonia.

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