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Little and often must be the rule at first; and the quantity may be increased while the frequency is diminished, as recovery is confirmed. It is difficult to lay down any absolute rule until the full physiological action is produced.

At the present time, Charcot was disposed to consider the joint-changes and the spontaneous fractures as secondary manifestations of the fault of nutrition of the osseous tissue, dependent on an influence of the nervous system. The signs of health should be looked for in examination of the lungs, heart, skin, glands, and digestive apparatus. A person of languid nature, not strong in mind or body, she began some years ago to be emotional, to have loss of appetite, weakness, tender spine, vertex headaches, etc. As to treatment, it cannot be said that, as far as remedies are concerned, there is much diti'erence in tlie call on the pharmacopceia between one sex and the other. Multiple small linear punctures should now be made with a sharp-pointed curved bistoury tlirough the skin and down to the infiltrated cellular tissues all over the scrotum, "covamlo" penis and abdominal wall, as far as the cellulitis extends. The above drinks may be changed, as either appears to have ceased to operate. Charles Rice, of New York, objected to the admission of the delegation from the Pennsylvania College of Pharmacy, as it was not incorporated, and he stated that he had a letter from the Secretary of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to that effect.

Sensibility was retained, there was no change in the optic nerves, the extremities were livid.

The quantity of alcohol prescribed should be as much only as may be necessary to effect the object for which it is prescribed.

Suddenly it increases in intensity and shoots down the loin to the hip and thigh, and the patient writhes in agony until the"stone" or particle, sometimes not larger than the head of a medium-sized pin, reaches the bladder, when the pain suddenly ceases. The horse with a tender foot will always bring it gently to the earth; but this circumstance obliges the animal to cast the other foot to the ground with heedless impetuosity. Mange would be far less general than it is, did not the convenience or the prejudice of mankind predispose them to favor a"run at grass." The horse there placed is all at once taken from a stimulating diet, while, the groom being relieved of his charge, foulness accumulates upon the coat.

As long as lovers of the animal creation are to be found, the story of Bab and of Marjorie will be read; and these sketches of brutes whom he almost humanised will probably outlive the genial doctor's more ambitious"Horse Subsecivse" and"John Leech and other Papers." Of a very different nature was the author of" Ten Thousand a Year," Dr. Gruel for driuk; green-meat, with three feeds of bruised and scalded oats, also beans, daily. The vesicles themselves may thus be seen to be much distended with a yel of the elevation of the patch. Pliosphorus, bums of the pharynx from, in woman's and cow's milk, xiv.


From the degree of impaction, it is reasonable to suppose that a fatal result was thus avoided. Distance glasses should be centred for side distance, and nearwork glasses for the point at which they are intended to be used.

By means of a small artery forceps he seized the tip of the tongue and made rhythmical traction on it twenty to twenty-four times to the minute (price). She slept quietly through the night, and next morning did not appear much worse for the accident. On examination of the deep portions of the lumbar incision, it was found that the last rib felt before the commencement of the operation, and used as a guide, was the eleventh and not the twelfth, which could now be felt very small and in a rudimentary state. Subsequent examination showed that while most of the breast entered a cyst the size of a small walnut, the walls of which were smooth, and contained no solid growth.

The discoloration of the ranbaxy iris and the irregularity of the pupil may lead to the diagnosis of iritis.

Suggestion, an informal hypnotism, mg if I may so call it, for the application of which each treatment by massage and gymnastics is utilized, and each visit to the physi cian. There is no difficulty of seeing where to puncture, and a pint taken at this time does more good than a gallon abstracted one hour subsequently. After copious suppuration has been established, bathe frequently with the solution of chloride of zinc, one grain to the ounce An abraded wound generally is accompanied by grit or dirt forced into the denuded surface. And this too, when the results of the operation are doubtful, and before sufficient time has elapsed to pronounce with certainty upon them. It sometimes results from trauma, as in attempts to remove foreign bodies, or from punctured wounds, as effects in cleaning the ear.

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