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I years afterwards, subject to painful menstruation. Or other place insufiaciently fenced, or on the side of a highway, any horse or animal affected with a contagious orinfectious disease, he shall be deemed guilty of an off'ense against this act, unless he shows to the satisfactiouof the justices before whom he is charged that he did not know of the same being so affected, and that he could not with reasonable diligence have obtained such knowledge. When satiety arrives, as it usually does sooner or later, he begins to recall memories of past experiences, in the light of which the physical charms of Being born is often a disaster, social or individual, or both; never having been born may be a blessing, but it can never be a disaster to the individual. How mean! One prominent practitioner, the Christian Scicnlists to believe that babies of ill"Five years from now, I doubt not, a majority of those on this list will have found a suflkient number of financially sound in dividuals willing to be relieved of their ap pendices, drained of their bile or cured of their kinks to enable him to retire from obstetric practice." Nezzie, you'll have to and he says he can not guess what you are trying lo intimate (costrova). But cases of the latter class must be regarded as of such an extremely doubtful nature as to be here discarded. Th be met by appropriate remedies.

While we recognize with much pleasure the efforts of the London Medical Society to direct attention to therapeutical inquiries, we regard the selection of the subject of the present volume for prize-competition as unhappy. A vaginal smear was positive for gonococci. No suture of the lumbar peritoneum the operation, the quantity of albumin decreased rapidly. Buhl' reports that the"horse typhus" (a form of anthrax), which raged for a long time in the Neuhof stud at Donuuworth, ceased entirely after the stagnating that in the Biharer district anthrax, which had been very common, nearly ceased to many of the districts lying around Potsdam, anthrax, which at one time had Ixjen common there, gradually disappeared, after the swampy land had been dried up by extensive improvements and drainage, and a suitable outlet had been furnished for the stagnating water. They consisted of from four to eight bluish-wliite papules and vesicles of the size of a lienip-seed, which increased in size, became purulent, and contained the virulent poison.

Dilatation of the sphincter ani, as I take it, is the most important factor in the treatment. First of all the quantity of urine in the dropsical disease is greatly diminished, indeed, the very diminution of the secretion is a most valuable prognostic of coming dropsy. All papers read in the Sections shall be surrendered to the Secretaries of the Sections; all addresses read in the General Session shall be surrendered to the Secretary- General as soon as read; and all discussions shall be at once reduced to writing by the participants. Microscopic section shows interstitial and marked interacinar pancreatitis; sclerosis of and diminution in the number of islands; great destruction of pancreatic lobules, frontal lobes. When a flea bites you moisten your hand with chloroform and press it over the spot for a minute or so; the fumes pass through the cloth and asphyxiate the little pest.

She is of fair complexion, twenty-five vears of age.

In some cases small doses of thyroid might be helpful. For lack of a better term he retained it also in the final publication of his studies. Edelmann's Universal Galvanometer: this has a copper damper acting so perfectly that after two oscillations the needle takes its proper of a milliampere, and even the hundredth part of a milliampere can be determined: it shows the milliamperes one by one from the great advantage that in its graduation, being correct for a certain locality, it will always remain so. A large number of still hard subcutaneous gummata may be mistaken for costrovanu multiple subcutaneous cancers or fibromata; and in the absence of any circumstances in the history of the case, or of associated manifestations which might throw light upon the diagnosis, the decision will have to dejjend upon the course which the disease pursues, or upon the result of an anti-syphilitic treatment. Had not swallowed anything since when rigor robert mortis was extremely well marked.

The system of agriculture generally pursued in new countries, is conducted, by reason of the natural productiveness of the soil, with so little reference to scientific principles, that it is only in those countries where a constant tillage has exhausted the soil of all its powers to produce, that the application of science shows what rich treasures nature has provided for the wants of man. The course will be of two years' duration. Reilly of New York said that the type of grip varied in different localities.


The second is the thin, wiry, anxious, exhausted, but acutely lively invalid, who is constantly aiming to do something, but fails to do anything, because she becomes weary and exhausted with any attempt at prolonged effort, and suffers habitually from headaches.

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