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It would seem to be the physicians, but whir.h should send out the most.

Solis-Cohen said that it was rather curious that this unique growth originated in tablet the position in which so few cases of lipoma had their origin. The better way is to prevent their getting measly, by keeping the diseased ones entirely from the well ones, and the animals, and the immature worm in cysts in the muscle. Tenderness behind the lateral malleolus of the The case we have for consideration this evening is that of a Scotch-American housewife twenty-six years of age, who entered on admission were dyspnea, palpitation, precordial pain, fatigue and weakness.

It was in this building that ether was first administered for the shown during the Congress.


Unanimity has not yet been achieved by teachers on the subject of venereal disease, and on various points many teachers will differ from Colonel Harrison. In addition, most writers, in reporting their work or ideas, read and gather the publications that relate to their particular task; and then, to help others in the same line, to record their own research, and to have a line of defense against criticism, they print with their report a list of papers they have consulted. In some bad cases we have seen the stools take on a dysenteric character. It is advised in this operation not to use ether, lest during the state of insensibility, the bladder may be injured. Some stimuli'would seem therefore to stop at the thalamus, whereas others are regrouped here and go on to the cortex. Flatulence is a condition of which many cases of one sort or another complain with considerable emphasis. Non - hygroscopic under ordinary conditions; non - irritating in any concentration; stable in solution. Gilmour has held successively the appointments of Assistant to the Professor of work, and has from time to time made important contributions Olftcer of the Ministry of Health, Whitehall. In two men courses, one pays two dollars and fifty cents an hour for each hour of instruction; in ten men courses only fifty cents. The limb should be incased in a plaster cast in fullest extension, the cast reaching from toe to groin and the patient put to bed with the limb elevated not less than twelve inches at the heel. Reed contributed a paper entitled CUNICAL observations ON SOME OF THE EFFECTS OF DIRECT AND INDIRECT TRAUMATISMS mg OF THE BRAIN. At times the occurrence of mental disturbances effects a moderate though noticeable lowering of temperature. (VanVleetMansfield Drug Co.) San Francisco, Calif. Thomas Jordan, Deputy Health Commissioner, gave an illustrated talk on the administration of public health from the sanitary standpoint, demonstrating the numerous difficulties encountered and the practical means The general plan for more general participation of the members of the Society in working out beforehand the plans for a meeting along some special line seems to be meeting general favor, but attendance is not what the meetings deserve. SUGAR TESTING WITH SPECIAL REFERENCE TO ALCAPTONURIA, in which he reviewed the various substances giving a sugar reaction, and the 20 danger of trusting too much to in which he considered all curative, non-mechanical agencies employed in surreal cases, whether after accident, operation, or for siurgical diseases. When the medicine man, who is also a profound wizard, does undertake the office of physician, the patient is placed in a lodge or wigwam made very secure from the observation of those outside. For a long time Massachusetts had maintained hospitals for surgical cases and various forms of curable disease. After this procedure was initiated there was very little spreading of the ulcer.

In case both retroflexion of the uterus and ovarian prolapse should exist, we can solve the problem by lifting cosmetink the uterus, by means of the sound, off the ovary, which remains in siiu. Baldwin and Cecil in a very extensive and prolonged study of pneumonia in summarizing their conclusion, make use of the statement: days before admission, had partaken of three large meals, drunk considerable beer. It was tightened every two or three days, and each time showed that there was a gain on the tumor.

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