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    Julius K9 Koton Yelek(Small)

    The papules resemble those in smallpox prior to the appearance of vesicles; but they are larger and softer.

    There is a Xew Jersey State Village for Epileptics at the State of Texas, an account of which has been written by Dr. In the first, named alar or pterygoid by Galen and Aretaeus and in our own day by Dr.

    Central gliosis is distinct from real glioma. The limit would not be in the size of the f6 lamp, but in the size of the lesion.


    In the latter case they owe their presence either to mold growth, or to budding, sporulating, multiplying yeast, yeast growth, zymosia gastrica, as the growth Pain or cramps in the stomach, and gnawing sensation in the stomach, heartburn, fulness, mostly sour eructation or drone vomiting, dryness in the throat, thirst, headache (frontal or supraorbital), pain, or rawness behind and along the sternum and between the shoulder blades. Perhaps, a little too much mathematics for the average man, but mathematics are unfortunately essential to the understanding of molecular physics. Professor Marckwald's demonstrations at Berlin make it clear that polonium is capable Of communicating its radiant energy to many other substances in a very marked way. If there are no serious delays in securing the necessary btulding material, it is believed that the buildings will be completed in about a year (review). The liquefaction Avhich occurs has been likened by Duclaux to the ripening of cheese; but the nature of the chemical transformation is still unknown.

    Purulent pericarditis is more likely to occur if an abscess has previously formed in the myocardium, but this is by no means necessary. Solitary tubercles develop occasionally in conjunction with a tubercular caries of the spine. We may mention f17 as a rare complication acute mental disturbances (confusion, anxiety, weakness of memory, vide infra). On histological examination we find, besides some muscular fibers which are still of normal diameter or even hypertrophied, all degrees of diminution and atrophy in the other fibers, so that finally all that seems to be left of many fibers is merely the empty sheaths of sarcolemma; but most of the diminished fibers retain their transverse striation to the last, and only occasionally do we see signs of granular (fatty?) and waxy degeneration of the muscular fibers, a splitting longitudinally and transversely, etc. Me lieartily recommend the book to our praises, one jot to the established reputation of Erich.seu's Science acd Art of Surgery. Under these circumstances diuretics may be adequate, if the kidneys respond to them.

    Even when administered in such quantities the antipyretic action of quinine is but slight, and the stomach is often deranged by the drug. In the case of children, two or three leeches on the sternum may be applied in similar circumstances. In a patient subject to the disease, the skin, particularly of the face, is generally of a somewhat sallow colour, Avhich is apt to become intensified after an attack; so much so indeed, on occasion, as almost to simulate jaundice. So also should those of neurotic temperaments. Had a very bad tablet attack of dysentery in the treated by Dr.

    He then reported five cases in f18 detail. Boric acid is preferred to other antiseptics because of its having no rd odor and not has been apparently slowly spreading in the i)rovince of Valencia, has also broken out in Castellon de la Plana, and in Madrid. It may be necessary to have recourse to peptonised and other easily digestible preparations. Pilcher also lays special stress upon the value, for dressings, of turf moss and ordinary sawdust disinfected with corrosive sublimate, and made permanently ontix antiseptic with naphthaline.

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