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    The practice in Germany was based on the establishment of lying-in hospitals on a large scale, in which instruction was given up to a certain point. The method of Forlanini, namely, the production of an artificial pneumothorax in phthisis, aims directly to eliminate from the lung the destructive and tuberculosis process. She was fully aware of her prognosis: this seemed to offer both an escape and a promise. Three and a half years ago the patient's left thigh suddenly swelled up enormously. This condition explains the luumorrhages which take place, without any necessity for assuming the existence of pseudo-menstruation; while the pains may in like manner be referred to the changes that have been described as occurring in the uterine membrane. I have heard different statements as to'' We get no cocoa up here, for the price simple reason that none has got up so far, but we get tea instead. If one parent is feebleminded, it is probable that some of the offspring will be feeble-minded, and the children who are themselves normal will be likely to beget defectives. On account of this somewhat thicker consistency it is termed the vitreous or glass-like humor. Here, even in well-marked diseases, we have a whole group of very similaichanges of structure. To quiet the inordinate thirst I gave elm mucilage freely and plain cold water ad libitum. Whether due to her rehabilitation therapy or not, her leg muscles seem to be stronger than at with special surgical shoes and braces. I refer to a condition in which the patient, having for several years relied entirely on the use of a catheter for the removal of all his urine, finds the bladder becoming so intolerant of its contents, that the act of catheterism, at first perhaps employed but three or four times in the twenty-four hours, must now be repeated under penalty of unendurable torture, at least every hour or hour and half.

    And it is hard upon foreign pnblishers that after paying authors for their manuscript and issuing their works in good style, they must necessarily be underbidden in America by those who publish the same works with only the outlay for type-work, press-work sachet and binding.

    He had usually cured them merely by getting at the disease and removing it, without any composition special treatment of any other kind. Kansas City, Ma A general anesthetic which can be given by the hypodermic needle instead of by inhalation has much to recommend it. The water-supply of Rome is still good, though by no means so abundant as in the days of its great glory. If the borders are pinkish and smooth, and gradually slope down to florid granulations, or perhaps are separated from them by a narrow line of bluish-white cicatricial tissue, it is certain that the ulcer is in a healthy state and only requires protection from irritation. Do I tpeak too itrongly, where human lives are at ttalce your failures, or even more, be reqxMH ttble for them, did I tpeak lett eamettly? Let ut again visit the patient. Experiments which Professor Ponfick made on dogs showed that if a dog ate one per cent, of its own weight of raw mushrooms it fell sick, but recovered; if it ate one and a half percent. Alasl the convulsKNis continue, even thouch the child is semi-paralyxed with chlomi and In desperation another doctor is sent for.

    The caffeine (for it is this and not the salts of caffeine that Dr. He possessed, unimpaired, all the movements of the elbow, and could carry his arm forwards and backwards from the shoulder, but could not raise it at right angles from the trunk. By this time the flagellum had become more visible, its movements became gradually slower, until, at the end of three hours, it finally curled up and It is quite a while since I contributed anything to the Cli.sic, although I get something from it each month.

    Digest for three days, occasionally adding a little water, then pour in a gallon gs of boiling water, and strain; adding boiling water till the liquid passes almost tasteless. There is no doubt that the wild-goose chase after the tablet philosopher's stone led to the discovery of many a gem of chemical research, and that in the various attempts been found. Now I wish it to be clearly understood, to prevent disappointment, that, to accomplish this, the student must not only be well grounded in classics and mathematics when he comes up, but he must employ his time methodically and well while he is here. The evidence of this is so far small, but, as tall oaks from little acorns grow, who can predict the future of this ambitious little periodical? It does not come from" the great cities," where are supposed to reside all who know anything of practical physiology, but from the West; from a small, but ambitious little city, Indianapolis, Ind.


    The reason for all this is not far to seek. The for disregarding the part of the intestine affected. Critical area of the hospital, (R) Registered U.S. Surgeon to the Sana Rigden, George W. Requires Indiana seeks board-certified or board eligible anesthesiologist.

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