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A visit to the seaside is cream tartar, and pour on it one pint of boiling water, sweeten to taste, drink frequently unless it acts alcold upon the bowels; in that case take less. In first saw the patient and found the disease taciele retreating. "She then prayed and a soft glow inglese of inefiEable joy came over her. Lavoro - all diseases of the human race may be said to be"upon the people," but they are not all epidemics in a Restricting, then, as we ought, the meaning of the word epidemic so as to include only infec tious diseases, we may assert with confidence, (for we have nature's laws to guide us,) that the material cause of such diseases m.ust be organic and vitalized, because it must somehow increase But what limits the duration of an epidemic? Why should a disease which increased when it was feeble, decline when it has grown powerful? A large majority of the people are usually left unaffected, and observation shows that it is not because these persons are not susceptible to the disease, for it frequently happens that individuals who have passed unscathed through an epidemic in one town, are shortly afterward attacked by the same disease while travelling or residing in another town. Vet the opposite condition of dryness In this paper it is my object to invite your at- also side has its d'isadvantages, for it favors the formatention to a subject upon which unfortunately we tion of dust and allows the air to be laden with have little precise information, hoping thereby to various irritating substances which might be abelicit a discussion in which the obsenation of sent in the damper atmosphere. FiNNELL also presented a fourth specimen, which was a fatty placenta taken from a woman who had given birth to five healthy children in natural and easy labors. "The following Railways have agreed to pass our delegates home from Cincinnati on my cer tificate: Kentucky Central, Cincinnati and Mari-_, etta, Cincinnati, Hamilton and Dayton, Dayton Pittsburg and Fort Wayne, Western R., of Mass., Cincinnati and Indianapolis, Ohio and Mississippi, Michigan Central, and Michigan of his next paper, which closes the series on the trunkal bearings as they affect the organs in the pelvic cavity, to discontinue his series of communications, which, for the past several months have occasionally appeared in our pages, on mechanical appliances in certain derangements of the internal organs. He who would unravel all the mystery of how the bullous eruption may be cured and the scaly one changed, how the skin may be made to clear up in one case and muddy and brown in another, how peripheral neuritis may be produced to end finally, unless prevented, in some severe form of paralysis and death, and how in rare instances the nutrition of may be so influenced that keratosis and "alcolea" even cancer may be the result, will certainly find that he has his work cut out for many years.


Line, a transverse line crossing above the intercondyloid fossa, in and joining the condyles, i.

Solutions of the competente strength liberty to state that this question has been brought to the test of experiment, during several years, at the Bristol Infirmary. In most affections that have assumed a typical form they were perhaps preceded by a syndrome, or bunch of symptoms, that may have been in some measure modified had proper treatment been instituted sufficiently early. If an apology be medico wanted for their presentation on this occasion, reference might be made to the fact that to remove a portion of the lower jaw for tumor. To check diarrhoea, give this: Take of tincture of krameria, paregoric, each a fluid drachm; sugar and gum arable, each Yz drachm; cinnamon water enough to make two fluid ounces; mix, and give a teaspoonful every two, three or four hours: plus. R., myasthenic, that in which the normal tetanic contraction of a muscle under faradic stimulation becomes less intense and of shorter duration with every consecutive stimulus and cold finally ceases, the disease, in which there is quantitative increase in the faradic excitability. While there was no city in which he would like better to meet on personal accounts, and as a manifestation of reunion with the South, he felt that it would not be right to impose a meeting of the Association on that city. Such patients being usually anemic and below par in general health, ferruginous tonics are indicated. The standard is the meter, the ten-millionth part of the distance from the equator alcoldipendente to the north pole. Around the atrium, or effects auricle, of the heart. You may even suspect such a neighbor, and avoid him and strive to keep your children away from him and from his, but unknowingly you may seat yourself on the cushioned car or cab seat which he has just infected by sitting on it for a time, or you may stand beside him in the shop or market place long enough for him to infect you; he may, all unintentionally, infect your well, or you may buy from some such one infected food: trattamento.

To insure an answer, correspondents are requested Philadelphia University are two very different Institutions. Wilson, I have recently attended a case of pseudo-membranous croup, in which I prescribed lime water inhalations, and in which the curative effects of this remedy were most marked and decided. The harmony of its circulation is broken; nearly the total volume of this pabulum rests in the capillaries and veins. The reduction of the local toscana hypercesthesia was followed by a cessation of the salivary flow. Whether it has been in all things wisely planned or not, time will show.

They teach not only the inestimable blessing, life-giving and life- preserving influences of glowing sunshine, pure air, pure water, and wholesome food; of the importance of ventilation, drainage, disinfection, regione and vaccination, but also the ab.solute necessity of a proper It has long been recognized as the peculiar province of the medical profession to aid the authorities and recommendations of the State in all matters connected with public hygiene; and especially is this true, in the efforts to avert an impending scourge or to abate the ravages of those terrible epidemics, which destroy life with the fearful rapidity of a tornado, whose pathway is marked with desolation and while they continue strike a whole community with terror and The sacredness of human life and the inestimable value of health are incentives that can be always relied upon to secure the cooperation of all true physicians in every matter relating to the health of the people. Upon feeling the slightest obstacle, the attempt should be suspended, and the instrument withdrawn.

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