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The lower opening of the stomach, with remarkable precision, keeps in that organ all substances which the gastric juice can change, but allows all others to pass into the upper pan of the intestine, or duodenum. Freezing them for shipment is another example of the protective action of sugar plus for protein.


Effusion of blood under the ocular conjunctiva is a sign by which, with other circumstances, a fracture of the base may be recognized, of course, involving the orbital Bleeding from the nose or mouth or vomiting of blood occurs frequently after injuries of the head, but the free supply of blood to the mucous membrane lining these parts If it be copious and long continued it is a There is no more positive proof in severe injuries of the head than bleeding from the It must, however, be pronounced and long continued.

The method, as he practised it, consists, tirst, in the reduction of the fracture and cleansing of the skin of the leg with soap and water: inj.

The architects and many of the workmen would not accept any pay, so that the whole amount all bills. It took bones between its two front paws like a normal animal, but used only the right paw as a"hand," and raised only the right hind leg on passing urine. The children who attend these, especially the latter, are the individuals by and with whom, the important change of opinion and habit, is and cost money, and he will not believe what you say, for he cannot be easily made to imderstand the importance, or even the right use, of air.

The mucous membrane is continuous with the 800 external skin, and by some is considered as identical. Still anything is worth trying in such a hopeless disease and where all means fail it would be no difficult matter to make a simple inhaling apparatus after the (Grosch, Berlin Kl. Inordinate use of ardent spirits, cold, fright, external injury, the flushed countenance, suffused eyes, quick and hard pulse, throbbing of the carotids, and delirium. Glucose agar I succeeded in obtaining a growth from the liver blood oval whitish, flattened masses, varying from tablet a pin head, to a little more while in their innnediate vicinity were bubbles of gas.

" In some such persons particular faculties seem much more active than others. The leading spirit in this movement is, strange to say, an syp American lady, a Miss Gertrude Stein; and just as Allah had his Mahomet and Johnson his Boswell, so has the head of this new sect her interpreter in a certain Mabel Dodge (social status unknown to me).

Is the natural protection to these granulations; if, however, it collects, it becomes a source of injury, increasing ulceration. At the same time the susceptibility to the action of narcotics and sedatives is so remarkable, and the evils which result from their unnecessary employment, or from their administration in excessive doses, are so serious that some practitioners altogether abstain from their use. The precise cause of the change of colour is as yet unsettled. In this case I could not turn it over. Flourens likens them to an animal condemned to perpetual sleep, but deprived even of the faculty of dreaming.

Death 400 occurred about twenty-four hours later from meningeal haemorrhage. The juices of various fruits contain all the elements for due fermentation. It consists of a thin glass jar coated on both sides with tin foil to within a few inches of the top; a wire, terminating in a metallic knob, communicates with the interior coating.

Louis appears to be attended with great prevalence of sickness and mortality among children.

The patient's strength was maintained for a few days by the use of enemas, but the rectum became sensitive and rejected everything thrown into it.

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