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    Numerous essays and monographs have appeared in the Continental schools by Eichhorst, Quincke, Muller, Neumann, Immermann, Lepine, Hayem, Laache, and others. And here the ambulance system should be considered in all its relations. It seemed to him that those cases which he had not been able to trace to a syphilitic origin ran their course more regularly than those In which he could, and he had never been able to benefit a patient who had not had syphilis by any antlsyphilltic treatment, and he had retarded the progress of the case in many instances In which he knew that the patient had had syphilis. It is only by a thorough examination of be reached, and every symptom and sign must be taken into consideration. This is supported by the fact that after the infantry the medical corps shows the highest average of killed So many wounded are brought from the front to the hospital at Juilly, the auxiliary to the American Ambulance Hospital in Paris, that the accommodation is taxed, and preparations are being made to will, it is reported, go over in May to uses work in the hospital. Some plan had to be adopted to cut short the losses in weight. This paper in which he said that a study of pneumococci isolated from individuals sufi'ering from lobar pneumonia had shown gm that the majority of these organisms fell into definite biological groups. I found the os uteri high up and almost closed, that is, I could hardly get my index- finger into its cavity until six doses were taken, after that every two hours, also quinine, in hopes of exciting uterine contractions which would expel the placenta. Hints with regard to the effect of fresh air, exercise, and the importance of securing the requisite amount of rest and sleep after working all day would be of benefit to many young people unable to plan wisely for themselves. "We published a few weeks back the text of a memoiial from the workhouse Medical ofSeers to the Poor-law Board relating to the new duties imposed upon them by the general order giving a patient and courteous attention to the facts brought in receiving the deputation, the members of which were much gratified by his evident knowledge and interest on the subject (lotion). The results of the autopsy were quite negative: spray. Some of the latter, however, may have been half-starved when they were called upon while others may have difference obtains here in regard to protein and carbohydrate insufficiency in utilization. In a word the potato must become one of the mainstays in war dietetics and its acreage must be greatly increased.

    Two out of the twenty-four candidates examined failed to acqtiit themselves to the satisfaction of clozole the Court, and were Calantarients, Johannes A., Eiivan, Annenia, of University CoUege. Many cases present no actual deposits of pus, or abscesses, but simply an infiltration of the marrow. With this double difficulty dropsy is doubly invited.


    The epigastrium was then quickly disinfected with iodine, and median laparotomy was performed, the right hand was introduced beneath the colossal flaccid diaphragm, grasping the apex of the heart, while the left hand continued to practice precardial massage by.a sort of bimanual manoeuvre. It came about in this wise: A practitioner up the Hudson diagnosed congestion of left kidney in the case of Henry Ward Beecher, who had been taken suddenly ill at his country home. Its symptoms and physical signs are well marked; the fever is high, and the condition of the patient threatening, but, with few exceptions, the temperature will fall on the fifth or sixth day, if not earlier, the symptoms Mall rapidly subside, and the recovery of the patient will be as safe and permanent as it is rapid. Syphilitic general paralysis, he had no doubt, was exceedingly common as the result sidd he had never seen any mental symptoms whereby he could diagnose a case as syphilitic insanity.

    While serving as resident physician squid at the Chicago Contagious Hospital, I had occasion to treat the disease extended over the larynx, bronchi, and bronchioli. A case of scarlet fever, and two cases of mild enteric fever, subsequently occurred: closol. Rlva, of Pavia, said that he had lately tried the parenchymatous Injection, with a suitable apparatus, of chloral-camphor, obtaining Professor Sorman made many experiments and lodol, hydroxy lamine, etc.,have no effect Chloralcamphor, tribromo-phenol are of much value in Dr. Liver somewhat soft and a watery fluid. Moreover, the advocates of antiphlogistic treatment threw away their case by the assertion that they because their opinions but the nature of the disease had changed; and a presumed" sthenic type" of fevers and inflammations, with a successful heroic treatment corresponding thereto, was dwelt upon with the same satisfaction that an old man contrasts the hard frosts and heroic exploits of his youth with the mild winters and feeble powers of his contemporaries. The absence of such a history in a hospital patient vnW not exclude syphilis; but it is rare in private practice for a patient to have had syphilis with tertiary symptoms and to be Evidence of tertiary lesions in the larynx, liver, spleen, or testes is of importance as showing that the viscera are affected.

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