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They can only be done by, and under the direction of, The kahn test, so widely hailed, unless performed by specially trained individuals, with adequate and numerous controls, leads to embarrassing and sometimes disastrous errors. Jacob Franklin Ilighsmith, who is still living and in his prime. The patient passes urine frequently, especially during the night, when he must arise several times to pass a large quantity of water each time. Her children by a former marriage, intermarried with his, by his former wife, of Lukins, Esq., of Pennsylvania, and sister to the well known John Lukins, Esq., Surveyor-General of that State, prior to the Revolution, a_nd a member of the Philosophical Society. They are usually sold in grosses, and nrethra'lie d phima'm, the retention of arine which narrowness of the opening of the prepuce, so thai it cannot be carried behind the corona glandis (price). The entire gall-bladder, together with this infiltrated portion of the liver, was completely excised, oozing checked partly by suture, partly by cautery, and partly by pressure of drains, and the woman rapidly and completely recovered. It is no exaggeration to say that more than one-half the existing deformities could have been prevented by intelligent early treatment. In - i was just FROM THE LATEST MEDICAL LITERATURE (An address delivered before the British Pathologists Association at their Annual Meeting) has been in existence for only a year, reviews the changed and changing position of the pathologist as a consultant in clinical medicine. These local symptoms, with proper care, may abate before constitutional symptoms develop. This we have already seen in the observations upon antimony and mercury; but it is more particularly evinced in the use of copper. Hindi - from this point the tissues are cored out for a distance of about one inch on each side making no attempt to isolate the duct. He rendered distinct service in Congress to the cause of the trucking industry in cipla eastern North Carolina.

Bullous impetigo contagiosa should be sharply differentiated, because it is due to the streptococcus. Harris asking me to make an appeal to this organization, and I would ask those members of the ITorth Carolina Medical Society who are here and who contemplate joining the Southern Medical Association at some time to give in their membership while here.


The study of the behavior of bacterial infection in regions where it can be observed, as in surgical infections, together with a study of the anatomy of the lungs, especially of pulmonary tissue, and that of other parts of the body. President and Gentlemen of the State Society: osteomyelitis and report of a case of the suppurative type. The initial cost will be more than offset by improvement in hospital efficiency, and gain to During the past four years, the writer in visiting many hospitals large and small, has noted with surprise that it was in the laboratories of the smaller institutions that much unnecessary, forgotten, or dusty, obsolete equipment was seen; that chemicals are wasted by excessive buying and deterioration. It is our belief that unless the capsule is removed along with its lymphoid contents recurrence will be the rule in children (25). He married Miss Nell Brown, daughter of the late J. The part where Ligamen'tum Nucha, A strong ligament tnm another, and gm inserted into the occipital bone.

Practically, all of its various methods are reducible to separation of the head or its equivalent.

Fourteen hours after the first injection the spleen was greatly reduced in size and the two injections that followed were all that were necessary to keep the organ down to a nearly normal size.

Groth, Errxost Rudolph Gotthard, M.D.

The type of the bacillus was not determined experimentally, but on the grounds that the mother died from pulmonary tuberculosis and that the primary lesion in the case was in the thoracic glands, it would appear probable that the infection was of the human type. We intend to have outspoken, honest and intelligent therapeutics, with all cranks, faddists and mediocrity eliminated. Entering the medical profession he was chief medical inspector of the New Orleans Sanitary Association, chief inspector of the New Orleans Board of Health and a member of that body, editor of the"New Orleans Medical and Surgical Journal" and chairman Dr.

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