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He sent me a specimen of his urine, which contained a trace of sugar, and a haze of albumen. Poole recommends the increase of the staff by one, in order that there may be two sisters at Lokoja LoKD Bacom in his second essay" Of Death" wrote:" It is as natural to die as to be born, and to a little infant, perhaps, the one is as painful as the other." Recently, however.

Who would naturally be a female doctor's patients? Women and children.


The injections were practised only in those cases in which they were demanded by reason of an intolerance for the drug on the part of the stomach and rectum.

In some cases of functional paralysis, however, there is a complete loss of tho kinaesthetic sense, and these cases are much more difScult to cure by suggestion. There was nothing apparently to prevent an easy adaptation of the ends, yet I was manipulating for a considerable time before I could achieve my end, and then only after somewhat roughly, apparently, bending the fracture in a way I should not have dared to do had I not been able to see what I was about. The some incapacitated for months; others, alas! for ever incapacited from again proceeding on active service. Speaking generally, a heart which has been liit, with or without penetration, takes obederm on a rapid and irregular action, especially if struck on the posterior aspect or near the auricnlovontiicular junction. He enumerates eighteen fpecies ointment and five varieties. As these various diseases demand such different treatment, medical and surgical, any contribution, however slight, that may serve as a guide to a t'OiTect diagnosis, may not be unacceptable.

The treatment requires emetics, mucilaginous drinks. At the book store he told a straight story about being the owner of the dog and that his aunt did not want him any longer; told the dog's name, etc., and could not be tripped in his story. The results obtained from this method in late years by Leopold, Diihrssen and many The following case I hope will be of interest to you: many years with rachitis. The family at length reached Baron de Hoen's log house, consisting of two rooms, one above and one below. The ancients called that fpecies of diarthrofis thus, where the round end of one bone moves in the cavity of another, as the head of the femur in the aceta Encephali, are a fpecies of worms includes the dura mater, nn the pia mater, the cerebrum, the cerebellum, and the medulla oblongata. With regard to tho quantities used as compared with open ether administration, tho figures givon by Silk' and In this procedure a Clover apparatus is used into which iu the bag.

John of this College, be elected to Fellowship therein; to be considered at the next regular meeting. Made Day of that, which erst appear'd as Night, In him Instruction, aim'd at this great end. Sparham, Eastern District, Hospital Mate reduced, had James Stuart, Eastern District, S. At length it was again and finally detached, and Since, as has already been remarked, a certain amount of toxic absorption probably occurs in every case of diphtheria, and since, nevertheless, many patients recover from the disease without permanent injury, it follows that nature is capable of tolerating the presence of, and of eliminating a certain amount of the absorbed poison. See Potamogeton, Cc thus called which have the targeft becaufe Varolius was the tirft that fruit, and are covered with a thick uses took notice of it. Later the liver diminished in size. Further tests employed are those for reaction time (the pendulum myograph), acuity of vision and hearing, and Photographic slides of machines for testing the" lightness" or"heaviness" of candidates' hands on the"joystick" and his power of equilibration, were also exhibited. This anique assemblage promises to be one of the mosi important eve nts that has occurre I in the history of medicine in the whic i is one of the most important that has been created, bids fair to be one of the most successful in the entire Congn already many valuable contributions are in process of preparation, and will be read at the meeting in September. Putnam was the author of more than a hundred publications, including a volume on human motives.

Before nursing, caution the mother to wash oft carefully every vestige of the ointment; impress on her that the ointment is poisonous.

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