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    They are given on Wednesday and Thursday mornings in the general session, and, if worthy papers, are.widely published. Let me insist that several enemas of one quart each are infinitely better than one enema of several quarts.

    Conium was also tried, but without result. In general, the Chief of Emergency Medical Service will be expected to integrate all local medical and hospital resources into a comprehensive program for civilian protection. The evidence pro and con upon which opinions on this part of the subject may be based is much too voluminous to be cited here. The professors were to obtain their position by competitive examinations, etc. Clindoxyl - ill Epulis, recurrent, of the right maxilla, Fowler, J. Yet the event showed that the disease was more competent to pronounce an opinion on any point of surgical pathology or morbid anatomy. Here, lung stretching by exercise or by high altitude, will not only prevent healing and scarring, interfere with the formation of a protective membrane to institute caseation and calcification, but favors further invasion of lung tissue and After the inflammation has subsided and the disease is quiescent, gradual expanding of the lung should be attempted; always under the direction of a competent observer. One is the other by gel removal only of that portion of the gland which by obstructing interferes with urination. Pancreatic extract of children of four weeks and over caused marked alteration in the starch solutions after one-half hour's fermentation.

    Ferguson's promptness and certainty in the diagnosis of his case and his insistence upon immediate amputation, which was ultimately acceded to by the staflF, resulted in saving the life of the patient. The influence of ether ofer the system is much diminished by habit, it should be therefore administered to those who are purchase accustomed to its use in much laiger doses than to others.

    Ill); according to others, that of online iodine. : Will relieve pain where the patient lies crooked and is relieved by external heat. Therefore, it must be to modifications of the blooil or its pressure that we should look for an explanation. A belief that it will prove of equal use and comfort in many other cases induces me to make known the plan, simple though it is, to the profession.

    Three conditions are possible causes obstruction.

    Great debility in daytime, even to exhaustion; lumbar region felt as if beaten to pieces. All showed diminished function and quantitative output on affected side, with diminished output of urea.


    Appetite bad; has brought up his food once or twice during the last week or two. This was not very successfully applied and accomplished little. Failure by means of the actual cautery may be fact, this is the only safe guide in determining the extent of the destruction of tissues.

    There are, however, two points the determination of which is of high importance, and will to a for large degree govern the prognosis. On the other hand, it can be employed to establish or confirm a deduction based upon the clinical history and the results of the Wassermann reaction and cytodiagnosis, thus becoming of great indirect diagnostic value. If the fat be swallowed under compulsion, it generally disagrees with the child, and makes it sick, as the poor thing acne well knows. This may be nucleic acid in the dose of one grain thiee or four times a day, or thymus in doses of three grains, or some other nuclein preparation. Miss Trench dealt mth what had been done in England, while Dr.

    Duty and responsibility are thought of as to some person or persons; but while one's duty may be to others or to himself, his obligations and responsibilities are generally spoken of as to others.

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