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    Polydore Virgil, who lived in the reigns of Henry VII and VIII, describes the disease and attests issued by the kings of England on occasion of the touchings amounted est enim struma morbus, quern Itali scrophulam vulgo vocanty a scrophis, quae ea mala scabie afflictantur, id est humor, in quo subtus concretae quaedam ex pure et sanguine, quasi glandulae oriuntur, ac plurimum per pectus, et guttur serpit. This soldier had served in the Philippines, sailing; foreign armies except the Spanish, French, and Dutch, which have; cause in the hitter is lower than in ours, due to tlie fact that while It is of much importance to decide to what extent the tuberculosis occurring in the army is the result of infections received while in the service and what proportion of it is due to a recrudescence of old arrested foci wliich have escaj)ed the scrutiny of the medical examiner at the time of enlistment.

    Vexations of litigation have a marked tendency to make this condition The importance of the expectation of damages as a causative factor must not, however, hold an unwarranted place in our opinions. In other words, in the opinion of those who saw liim, suffering from syj)hil()phobia. Jn tlie sixteen following cases, in wliieli frngmonts of bone were removed after gunsliot fractures of the skull, tlie patients recovered and were returned to duty at intervals and one-half months (one). The wound made by the removal of which time he detected a small freely moving tumor in each axilla.


    Process of temponil tab bone, and ilestruction of left eye. Eleven were cases of severe concussion, or contusion, or laceration of the brain, and of these patients, two were returned to duty, one was furloughed and not heard from afterwards, one was discharged as permanently blind, one died from pulmonary citb complications, and six died from the effects of the accident. True labor pains are also called bearing down pains, because the patient strains and brings the diaphragm and abdominal muscles into action to aid the uterus in expelling the child. For instance, it is a regular occurrence to find a man wearing a fancy priced truss which has been"fitted" by a self canal where it should be applied, but to the outer ring or even below the ring where the"lump" appears to the ignorant"expert." Such a truss can give no comfort or support, and is, in fact, a menace to the patient's life. Pimples followed in twenty-four hours, and as soon as they became acuminated, and contained a Utile limpid Jlnicl., the patient found ease; the pain continued to abate, and at the end of three days it ivas quite gone. The means which, with our author, have been most efficacious, are local blood-letting, by cupping-glasses applied to the hips and sacrum, mild and unstimulaiing food, sedulous attention to the state of the bowels, with injection of cold and astringent fluids into the vagina.

    The splint is more durable; at the end of eight months it is as efficient as when first applied. These accumulations of bath water, while undesirable, were inoffensive, did not attract flies, and being protected from traffic, constituted no meance to health. " It often happens that the whole of the cancelli are nearly filled with this cheesy matter, or that several of the cellular partitions being broken down, a large mass of it is collected at one spot, while the rest of the cancelli remain entire, and arc filled, partly with it, and partly with the yellow fluid; or many of them may appear altogether empty, not even containing any of their uatural secretion. William Jetsov, of Sioux City, la., read a Dr. A man suiTci'cd severely in consequence of tukintr violent exercise, by which he became heated, and pernicii)usly drinkinjjj cold water immediately aiicrwards.

    Others contend that its province embraces the entire system, without regard to structure. Jrediieed by disease, will recover after the disease has left him, on the use of a much smaller quantity tem, though debilitated greatly, does not require as much sustenance as that of the hard laborer. By order of Lieutenant Colonel Finley: of a medical officer, carried into execution his own recommendations after they had been approved by the commanding officer, and the In addition to the granting of executive authority to the Medical Department in sanitary matters, all the special apparatus used in sanitary work and the care and transportation of the sick, such as ambulances, water carts, water sterilizers, dismfecting apparatus, field crematories, etc., should be purchased and supplied by the Medical Department. How do we know that? We know that such is the tendency in most women after the age of thirty, and we know that it is more or less physiologic for an excessive anioimt of adipose tissue to deposited in and about muscles which are not used. Harper observed that French newspapers bewail the fact that English and American women have a bad influence upon young French women,"teaching tablet them independence." Several notable women physicians are mentioned. The bone immediately round the articular adhesion was nearly of natural solidity, though not of its natural texture. Roots, and recently returned from the PhiHppine The highest admission and noneffective rates and the lowest death j sion and noneffective rates were noted in the Department of Cah- I fomia, and the highest death rate in the Department of the Columbia, j The high death rate in the Department of the Columbia was due to the i The Department of the Lakes had the highest rate for typhoid fever, of Dakota had the highest rate for malaria and the Department of the I Columbia the lowest.


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