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Would find a good deal use of their time unoooupied. I forgot to say thai to the instrument made on the model of the silver cannuLt, I had a suit tube urine away from his clothes when emptying the bladder. Smith's work all success in Engl.and, where, for works like this, the ciy is"still they come," and still more, we believe, are clear and faithful lines, the biographical portraits of those Chamberlens whose names are for ever bound up with the history of one of the most benign of medical instruments, the syrup midwifery forceps. Critchett himself took an active part.

Rectal ulcers and strictures which have occurred in the clinic of Korte during the past seventeen years. One death is reported from central committee for the erection of sanatoria for consumptives has issued a call for a congress to be purpose of discussing the subject of tuberculosis.

But I found this also contaminated powder with bacteria. ; Colorado National Life Insm'ance Company, of Denver, Colo.; Ft.

The report of the treasurers showed that the society is prosperous. Being here also Immigration The Orange River Colony has adopted legislation absolutely prohibiting the giving, selling, bartering, or otherwise supplying"dagga" or Cannabis Indica (liquid). The middle ear was cleansed carefully with a middle ear syringe. When the gonococci enter the blood, they may give rise to organic heart disease, such as pericarditis, myocarditis, and endocarditis, or to functional disturbances, such as tachycardia, palpitation, and angina pectoris.

I tablet think also one of the important purposes of the Association must be to fomiulate a definite program of preventive measures. Absence of any growth except streptococci on the ordinary media at once separated both cases from the usual forms of gangrenous bronchitis. No man will be permitted by any line officer to fall to the rear to ride in the ambulances unless he has written permission from the senior medical officer of his regiment price to do so. Thus Prudden found typhoid bacilli still alive which had been contained When we come to consider the ways in which water may become infected with pathogenic microorganisms ointment we recognize at once a distinction in this respect between surface water and sub-soil water. It is now known, however, that the disease is more frequently the result of lotion the condition of the kidneys during the progress of the fever and the process of desquamation. One case will not establish a therapeutic law; time forbids that I uses should give the details of others. Goodhart: On Six Cases of Diphtheria treated by the local application of Borax or Boracic Acid. The North aide, to which consisted of small courts, had been because the pi ivies being placed in juxta-position to the dwellings I was able to convince the Magistrates that they gave rise to a nuisance. The intermuscular lipomata are more common, and have been found in the deltoid, biceps humeri, complexus and rectus abdominis. The saw had not been applied nor the use of the knife been hindi finished when nervous system much prostrated.

Scattered thi-ough the section are rather numerous areas rich in blood, wliich under the high power are seen to consist of capillaries close together, separated by a thin reticulum of connective tissue.

A poor-law medical oflncer should be compelled to give the notice; but he, as well as every other medical man who did report, should be entitled to a small fee.

Nash, William Ramsay Nasmytb, F. This law does not apply to the manufacture of collars, cuffs, shirts, or shirt waists made of cotton or linen fabrics that are subjected to the laundering process before being offered for sale. The cloth is tacked which fits "in" accurately the groove and which is nailed in, covering the cloth. He would be able to express a valuable opinion upon many points, perhaps especially upon the selection of candidates for appointments, and he would be able to save the Government a good deal of money in the way of scrutinising extras, which, I am bound to admit, a few men (there are black sheep in every flock) are very careless about, and bring trouble on the how heads of their To The Editor, South African Mkdigal Record. The dry type of lupus is commonly complicated by a staphylococcic or streptococcic infection, which, in addition to tuberculin, has to be met by the use of an Ulcerated areas seem quite amenable to treatment and may respond in a few months. After the wound was thoroughly healed, the patient was sent to a Swedish masseur, who would teach her how to use the muscles properly.

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