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In that case, my application for license by reciprocity would have to go over until the next meeting, four months later. Under no circumstances' should a tuberculous patient be permitted to leave home with a false conception as to the nature of his malady, and without knowing his responsibility to those with whom he comes in contact.

For those purposes wherein a poisonous or corrosive disinfectant can not be safely employed, Listerine is the most acceptable antiseptic Listerine is particularly useful in the treatment of abnormal conditions of the mucosa, and admirably suited for a wash, gargle or douche in catarrhal conditions of the nose and throat. This can be seen in the state of the finger-nails, under which dirt accumulates, even though eftbrts are made to keep them clean. (Hear, hear.) That Library was founded by a physician, and its trustees had devoted it to medical and natural science. (Cheers.)" This decision appears to destroy all hope; and, guilty or innocent, Mr.

The patient experiences uses no pain or subsequent discomfort. The differentiation between the minor symptoms of gallstones and a relative stenosis of the pylorus (lue to adhesions between the gall bladder gastric spasm without local hepatic pain or tenderness. Write the Company for a copy, if you have never seen the one paper that off'ers a postgraduate has prepared a little pamphlet of"Health Hints," which he gives freely to those coming to him for professional advice. Squinting eyes cause much less trouble, for in them the visual axes are at such great angle that no attempt is made to get binocular vision, and a suppressed image in one eye results, but the suppression is psychical rather than physical, and little expenditure of nerve energy is necessitated. Tlie surface of the bladder, however, felt rough and rugous, a peculiar but not uncommon sensation being conveyed through the instrument when passed over its interior, well known to those who have had frequent occasion to search the bladder for a suspected calculus. By his oftice of Professor, he was one of the Directors of the Infirmary, and of the large and excellent Lunatic Asylum of Glasgow; and he was always engaged with great assiduity and vigour in sharing themanagement of these institutions. Kelly concluded that her trouble was confined to the left side, and hers is a typical example of the treatment in an extreme case. The single gastric analysis is no longer regarded as 75 satisfactory. The rise of the curve is rapid and the phase of complete precipitation is very tablet short.

This looks reasonable, since the kidneys, ovaries and tubes spring from the s'ame patients suffering from organic diseases of the kidneys also As a means to an end in curing our gynecological patients this side of the surgeon's table (and I have reference to that class of cases only that do not belong to the surgeon) we must not forget that douches, rest, change of climate, diet and local medical applications direct to the pelvic organs are adjuncts, and eacli has a place in all cas'es coming to us for treatment. Reprint requests to Massachusetts "cinadil" General Hospital, Boston An organ, brain or other, that no longer functions and has no possibility of functioning again is for all practical purposes dead. Neither is it associated with symptoms of gastric or enteric irritation, that is, the point to he emphasizefl is that the vomiting is mechanical in its manifestation. There was no free fluid, and no abdominal mass was palpable. The oxalate is sr supposed to act by virtue of its ability to precipitate the calcium in an insoluble form. In all other respects, both herself and husband enjoyed good health, and there was no evidence of any venereal taint in either. The dengue is, in fact, a painful affection, rapid in progress and of an epidemicity unequalled.

Upon the use of the forceps in these positions, Tarnier writes:" As far as it is possible vademecum it is neces' ary to make the head execute artificially, by the aid of the forceps, all the movements that it would execute spontaneously if the labor were normal." But with Depaul, Blot, and Bailly he would make rotation and traction at the same time. The author has succeeded admirably in clinadil his purpose. They were practical observers, physiologists, pathologists and surgeons; they looked for tangible proofs; they cared nothing for metaphysics and theories founded upon moonshine. In the third stage when there is great interstitial change, the progno.sis is grave, and the acute perforating ulcer is usually fatal, which the gel patient was cured by operation. He recommends the keeping of temperature and weight records as an aid in diagnosis, and the estimation of the opsonic inde.x. The Surgical Instruments of the Hindus.


Will be lliMt tlie scliool connnittee will carry on play in it on upon the playgrounds now under the charge of logical development of the policy pursued by the league since the beginning of its playground work in as an educational institution and connecting it as closely as possible with the public schools. Physicians, so-called, will very naturally be inclined to assert their prerogatives in the treatment of cases which permit of both medical and surgical care.

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