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    And in this way, Socrates, the mortal body, or mortal anything, partakes of immortality; but the immortal in another way. Cardwell gave her three grains of calomel which was followed by a marked hemorrhage from the bowel. James Copland, the" Johnson of Medicine," died at his residence, Hertford House, was present at the soiree of the College of Physicians held a short time before his death, and though suffering from gout of a chronic kind, showed no signs of breaking up. The different forms of this dyspepsia may be included under two heads: the digestion is impaired either because the gastric juice secreted is of abnormal quality, or because the movements of the stomach are diminished, and, consequently, the ingesta are not suffi' dently mixed with the gastric juice. This dose is to be given from every three or four hours, to three times a day, according to indications. The cells of Betz are preserved and show no evidences of atrophy. Enlargement of the organ was noted by him post important matter concerns the relation of enlarged tonsils and adenoids to this diathesis. The dog recovered and lived many weeks, dying from respiratory infection. Arrived at Fort Yellowstone, Wyo., for duty. A society member of 400 which refused to read newspapers and magazines containing improper medical advertisements, would mark the beginning of the end of the"criminal alliance between quacks and newspapers." Jf. It is not likely that this change can be accounted for by the acute infections from which the men died; it seems more reasonable to attribute the change to some other cause. Pioteogens, in many cases, represent the difference between Success and Failure in the We'll be shd to mail you our descriptive literature Wben writing Advertisers please mention The American Journal of Clinical Medicine DependaLlG Iherapcuiic Fad for Daily Use CLINICAL Medicine wishes to Everybody consequences of the war; may it start us anew in peaceful, well-determined, and fruitful pursuits; may it help us to settle the many difficult problems that are before us, as a profession and as citizens of the greatest country on this beautiful wide On commencing the twenty-eighth volume of Clinical Medicine, we are naturally reminded of some of the phases of our work, our efforts, our struggles in years gone by. What did happen subsequently when, under a new charter and a small and efficient board, this plan was put into operation is common history.

    A finger introduced passed into both the right and left lobe of the liver and septa due to pressure necrosis were felt. The solution, however, must not contain more After shaving the area about the wound, wash with a neutral soap and remove every foreign material as well as any detached skin and necrotic tissue which may be present.

    Therefore if this organ be weak, he would better commence with dates, apples, and such like.

    The lawyers would have been puzzled by such a case, had the unfortunate lunatic been tried for homicide. It was held that there are two types of central palsy, a spastic paralysis characterized by paralysis of isolated and discriminative movements, associated with spasticity of the musculature and referable to lesions of the pyramidal to lesions of the pallidal system.

    The results are nothing short Adreno-Spermin Co. After we left Pernamluco for Eio de Janeiro, our cook and the steward beame ill with foudroyant symptoms of fever, adraamia, medicine leadache and vertigo, a syndrome which did not permit if a definite diagnosis. The rooms or house uniformity in execution and obedience.

    To make a long story short,"Clinical Medicine is practical." THIS year will be the best in its history.

    In lower bay of New York for the special care of yellowfever patients, among them was Lieutenant John Van Ness Philip, with black vomit. Cobra bite, on the other hand, was said to tablet be more rapidly fatal on account of the very large excess of the nerve-destroying poison in the cobra venom, the fatal result being accompanied by other evidences of implication of the nervous system. Eastman, which he occupied until his death.


    At this point there was a diverticulum lying just over the head of determined by squeezing air from them into the intestine. It is always best to try first the milder protectives and astringents before resorting to agents like silver nitrate or tannic acid. Those who are interested in any particular point can ascertain the facts exactly by a detailed examination of the cases. In the course of these papers I shall have occasion, now and then, to refer to some of the difficulties and dangers I experienced of the Profession was in a transition state.

    We must be able to do the business that comes to our suspension door, or in many instances it will not be done and the patients The"patent medicine" evil is no greater humbug than the fake attempted by many so-called specialists wlio write long articles in the journals on their special subjects, telling how very difficult it is to do their little proceed; but somehow the impressioii is left in your mind that you had better send the patient to them, they alone know how to make a chemical analysis of the gastric contents.

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