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The color of the feces is due to admixtures of bile, coloring matter in the food (chlorophyll in herbivora, haemaglobin in carnivora) and secretions. In anthrax: Through abraded surface of skin or mucous membrane; it may also be inhaled through tab the respiratory tract. In young children it is very frequently necessary to awaken the patient and give stimulants. Provided that yon have satisfied yourself that the fault does not lie with the husband, and you find a local condition in the female which yon regard as a sufficient explanation for her failure to conceive, be careful how you promise an absolute cure from any method of treatment or operation.


Hypertrophy of the contractile elements of the heart maybe modified by veratrine, an agent which has the greatest influence upon muscular nutrition.

Analyses cheesy materiaL It does not smell of faeces, and in no way is this; saponified mass fecal. Latterly I have found that the only treatment capable of doing these cases any permanent good is a change, business or study; and, as regards medicines, not such as are meant to act on the stomach directly, but those meant to act on the cerebrum. The dressing was changed every third day,,'and all went well for more than a week, when suddenly an alarming hemorrhage occurred whilst he was straining at stool. If it is attempted, serious results may follow. Many ungrateful; monkeys are miSchievous; and dogs envious.

If haemorrhages are easily excited in certain organs in connection with the paroxysms, three granules of ergotine should be given three times daily. A short time since this man had a welldefined dropsical face, the bulging under the eyes being especially marked, but all this has now quite disappeared. Palpation of the gall-bladder and inspection of it will guide the operator as to evacuating its contents, while manipulation along the cystic and common ducts will detect any obstruction by biliary calculi or the agglutination of their walls by inflammation or distention by inspissated bile. But we have condensed this case chiefly to hang On reviewing the treatment of this important case, I have little to remark, except that it is probable, had my assistance been sooner demanded, I should have opened the temporal artery, instead of bleeding from the arm. After noting the symptoms of the disease we come to the most difficult part of clinical diagnostics, viz: The determination of the organ diseased. If the injury be at the belly, the wound having entered it to some depth, ascertain, with the finger, whether any portion of the bowels is injured, or has escaped through the opening.

Had he known that they had meanwhile gathered some personal experience, he would not have ventured to discuss a subject which properly belonged to the medical man. From the obvious risk of lacerating the uterine tissues (one fatal case in which the tube found its way between a portion of retained placenta and the uterine wall having occurred to my knowledge), the leaden tube may, with advantage, be dispensed with, and a perfectly harmless substitute improvised by adding two or three more syringe, and the whole packed in a small compass.

When no further excitement can be produced by a certain force of ftimulus, do you expedl excitement from a lefs? If not, you do, by changing the ftimulus. Finally it disappears entirely and the bone is entirely restored. The mode of using the material is to place a small portion of the powder on a dish and ignite it with a match. The additional matter confifts of two new cafes of letanusy both arifing from wounds, both extremely formidable in their fymptoms, and both terminating happily. Of only nine cases that came before less than three months had elapsed, four could no longer be radically operated upon, and two had passed the period of a feasible operation. But the cases must be selected for each and any of the remedial agents and applications. Both ovaries tender and enlarged, uterus congested and very tender anc. If the symptoms were due to degenerate forms of the streptococcus or staphylococcus whose toxines had not been sufficiently virulent to affect the system generally or produce local lesions, but still had had enough virulence to affect delicate nervous structures, sodium salicylate would be as rational and as promising a drug as we could employ.

Tuberculous Deposite in the Pia Mater, fyc. I had to learn, and did learn, and from that time on I almost lived on horseback. Large hot composition since they often proved harmful. There were certain rudimentary conditions which should be complied with if their interpretations forte were to be of a sufficiently trustworthy character.

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