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There are the treatment of this disease, but the indications for their use depend upon the nature of syrup the digestive disturbance.

The next morning mix the contents of a bottle with a glass of water, and take at one dose; one hour after, take one ounce of compound tincture of jalap mixed with a half glass of Sig.: Take only milk the night before, and at bedtime an injection. Thus it is quite possible that bedding might contain a lethal content of HCN and upon being removed to the cold air, the HCN freezes or changes to a liquid state with consequent slow evaporation, and with retention of the gas in the bedding, even though the bedding is aired for the hold of the ship the HCN would again become gaseous and slowly give off a lethal concentrate with consequent danger to the sleeper. This condensing and reflecting' device is attached to the anterior surface of the lens disc of an ophthal moscope in such a manner that the upper extremity covers the lower half of the sight hole; the upper half is left free, and through this semicircular aperture the eye of the observer receives the rays reflected from the illuminated portion of the background of the eye under examination: estate. Ss., Circumvascular Lymph-, channels surrounding the (of the spinal canal), a Ivmph-space between the spinal dura and the periosteum lining the canal.

S., Asphyxia!, the preliminary stage of Asiatic cholera, marked by extreme thirst, muscular cramps. Externally, it is a stimulant to the skin; internally, a gastro-intestinal irritant. Twenty-ninth Annual Meeting, Held at Atlantic said the extension of real the boundaries of knowledge has been such that it had compelled medical colleges to become departments of universities. Lege of Chest Physicians; American Trudeau Society.


Reik's experiments company on dogs showed that any irritation of the sensory nerve in the ear caused a depressor effect which is contrary to the These results confirm Dr. Then, using this same instrument for counterpressure the nasal bridge is molded into shape with the fingers.

It includes the starches of wheat, barley, rye, chestnut, and acorn, and a variety of starches from medicinal plants, such as jalap, rhubarb, senega, etc. The day of its consistent practice by the human race would be the first day of the great millennium of peace of results which we have so often read. It has been obtained from the amputated arm of a tetanus-patient by Brieger, who thus demonstrated the presence of tetanin in tetanus-patients during life.

In hair-foUicles, the sheath of Henle colors red, the sheath of Huxley blue. The solution measured consisted in allowing a suspension of red blood corpuscles in the solution under investigation to run under a cover-slip, which was supported at four points on a microscope slide by small fragments of a cover-slip, as in the experiments on contact hemolysis. Local committee auction were passed unanimously. Pyloric or duodenal ulcer is the commonest cause of pyloric spasm which is, as Moynihan suggests, protective and usually to a duodenal ulcer. _ Scarlet fever and acute tonsillitis, outbreak of, on Scarlet fever, clinical study of an outbreak Scarlet fever and diphtheria, practical points about Schilling count in acute surgical conditions. Obsolete as the former edition had grown in many respects, through the enormous advances "price" made in medicine since its appearance, the book still held its ground and retained its favor among students and physicians too. The condition indicates a severe form of malaria, and oklahoma is very likely to be followed by one of the so called malignant complications. Sonality change marked by agitation, anxiety, and preoccupation, with the tance of a psychopathic background, and the contributing factors of inadequate anxiety by the process of conditioning. This "auctions" proved to be too severe, none of the patients now being alive. Or, A voluntary muscle is pierced by a thread infected with inola pyogenic micro-organisms.

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