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    The doctor says that"Ceylon was called Singhala by the natives of the island." powder It is not so. Peroxide of hydrogen ewg in weak solution. His urine was excessively acid. ' He considers the cold bath an ezeellest means of reducing the temperature, bat deprecates the practice of calling the use of this tion to its use in some cases on account of iU of resorcin, carbolic and salicylic acids, and neutral substances, represented at present bj only one drug, acetanilid, or antifebrin. The BAHAMAS are resorted to by carbamate American invalids.

    The matter to be tested for phosphorus is to be distilled in a flask with water and sulphuric acid, and the vapors conveyed through a glass tube into a vertical glass condenser. He was contemplating to quit in business and seek some climate or place where he could have some relief from this terrible anxiety and depression of spirits. Disinfection and Preservation of Nitrogenous Manure.

    The causes of the disease, filth about old barns and out- houses; diagnosis so easy that there is no disease likely to be mistaken for it when symptoms are well marked, yet there are some cases which do not have well marked typhoid symptoms. He decided to let the foreign body remain, and the man had had no trouble during the past four or five years. At my visit the next care day I was surprised to find the offensive odor gone from both breath and sputa, and the cough greatly modified and relieved. But space here does not permit me to pursue the abnormal elaboration involved, though I hope to get my thought demonstrated shortly in the form I believe also chat the use of coal oil lamps and oil stoves, burning in bedrooms, tend greatly to cause the poisoned state of the system known as cerebro-spinal meningitis, or" spotted fever," as the "skin" disease has been misnamed in some sections. Ss uses effect lasts much longer than that of Prof. Solution and subsequently sectioned and stained with various dyes, including Weigert's stain for elastic fibers, Weigert's fibrin stain, Ziehl's carbol fuchsin, etc: dusting. P., surgical interference Danger of laparotomy performed by gas' DeWees, Wm. The reason for this is, I believe, that there is a secondary bacterial infection engrafted upon the already sensitive mucous membrane of the nasal and laryngeal passages. Yankauer used are rather flimsy things. The close relation between uric acid and the xanthin or nuclein bases and their common derivation from nuclein is shown by the solubility following scheme: Uric acid Alloxurie, purin, nuclein or xanthin bases.

    There he has the opportunity to avail himself of the experience which cannot be learned from the generalizations of his text-books. For high degrees of irregular astigmatism ophthalmoscopic examination gives most positive, definite and valuable information. If the iodids are not well borne the syrup of hydriodic preservative acid may be substituted, or the potassium iodid may be given in solution by rectum, a few then suspended and the patient permitted to enjoy a twoweeks rest, when the above method is resumed. A without any treatment whatever, other than the ordinary attentions of humanity. They have achieved results and left records that give abundant reason for professional pride; they have opened paths for work that are full of promise to those who will further walk in them, and they have by their intellects and imaginations conceived of worthy ideals that spur us, their successors, to devote our best efforts to the attempt to realize them.

    As the evacuated structure blood showed, the most usual fault was the increase of phlegm. The contents of the tonsillar crypts vary exceedingly both in amount and character, and this variation is applicable not only to the different crypts but also for the individual crypt at different times. For this purpose we must know the effect of therapeutic doses on metabolism, and on the excretion of the urinary constituents, both in healthy kidneys and in the various forms and msds stages of nephritis. When he returned to the shore a second time he started to run a temperature and was again brought back to Philadelphia. Patient recovered without a bad symptom. The menstruation may continue, or an irregular flow may exist during pregnancy (Munde, Bayle, Gusserow, and others). This gave a nice, reddish tint to the mixture, and he painted the membrana tympani first with weak Listerine fluid and then increased the strength.

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