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I am the more particular in dwelling on this point, as my friend Dr. " Bloodletting,"" is the only remedy with which we are acquainted that has any decided control over the contracted uterus. I gave her prussiate of iron, and price the cure appears permanent, I also gave prussiate of iron to a young lady who was troubled with what I called"nervous headache," and for five months past the pain has not returned. Let the patient gradually habituate himself to the Those patients who do not satisfactorily improve under the treatment here recommended, have a vitiated stomach and liver.

This is well known; yet it was not the colic which induced enteritis; but the real cause was that which originated the first affection.

Practice would in all probability be attended with much saving of maternal life. Although syrup he was best known as a homoeopathic physician, Dr.


The mind by means of these can be brought in contact with the theories and discoveries of the entire profession: and unless it be daily burnished by the productions of the active thinkers of the world, it will become rusty and blunted. This is a necessary consequence of the advancement which had been effected in this department of pathology, previously to Dr. They are characteristically marked by a variable number of minute dottings: these may four, or five: or there may only be a single one, which is then found proportionably large, and attracts notice by Mr. This lady's propositions were so well-rounded and so categorically arranged that they must have overpowered many of our weaker brethren. When will any of our moderate sized English countrytowns possess such advantages? Mr. Whatever may be the nature of the disease in its early periocf, however mild in its form, however moderate its symptoms, the general excitability of the nervous system and its consequent inability to resist an attack, frequently renders it formidable, if not fatal.

Then, most medicines being deprived of activity, are inoperative before they reach the last locality. This is to support the ankle, and overcome the preternatural arch a limb affected with varus takes at this point. Although acids are always present in the blood, still they should not be in excess; hence the necessity of alkalies to neutralize the acids, for there can be no excess of acids in the blood, and but a very slight excess of them in any of the secretions, without the presence of disease. Davis had heard the conclusion of the paper repecting opium with surprise. The oonvnlsious continued tlirough this the four following days, childryl-zp was slow and irregular; the irregularity heing very strongly marked. Cremate all those who have died of the disease; disinfect and remove all filth and endeavor to destroy all mosquitoes and their larvae and other insect pests by the use of petroleum, sub-soil drainage of damp places, and filling all stagnant pools with clean dirt. Beside the liquid poisons, requiring contact for their operation, there is another class which are independent of that mode of communication, and are transmitted to small distances are also caught by emanations or affluvia. With the view of remedying these evils, as far as in our power, we propose henceforth giving, from time to time, brief notices of all the more important papers relating to medicine, or any of its numerous branches, which may appear in the published labours of our learned institutions." of this last class, gentlemen of the medical profession constitute a considerable proportion." details a variety of observations of the same fact in insects, which had arrived at their last or perfect state of developement. And the influence of his honest and good example, and of the tone which he strove to impart to the feelings of his class, are, it is trusted, in a great measure perpetuated original research, adopted by Astley Cooper, have done much towards directing the course of anatomical inquiry into the track which, if steadily followed, must certainly tend, at no very distant period, to place our knowledge of tlie structure of tlie human body among the exact sciences: and his noble personal exami)lc, which so felicitously combined tlie acute phi losopher with the polished and considerate gentleman, the profound student with the active and intelligent man of the world, could scarcely have been present for so many years before his contemporaries and his pupils, without commanding alike their admiration and their imitation, and grafting in their minds the resolution of teaching their successors how brightly distinguished and generous personal qualities illustrate the worth of sterling In the plan adopted by Sir A. Aged fifty-one years; a tolerably fair specimen of the sanguine-enceph alo-bilious temperament; of moderate size, has borne twelve children, and usually had good health up to the present illnsss.

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