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Edie gives notes on the chemistry The death of Dr. I think, therefore, the danger from its use ftiay be regarded as practically uil. Other complications: Other complications must receive prompt attention. Not only in the larger cities, but in towns of from fifty to one hundred thousand inhaljitants the well-equipped medical clinic is the most urgent need of the profession. His ideas on this subject are evidently too limited, and he does not appear to recognize sufficiently the great influence which the state of the constitution exercises over the local changes of structure.

While of special value b training the physician in diagnosis, it also enables him to correct his mistakes, and, if he reads its lessons aright, it may serve to keep This is, of course, a very full programme, but in ten years a bright man, with what Sydenham calls" the ancient and serious diligence of Hippocrates," will pick up a very fair education, and will be fit to pass from the dispensary to the wards. THE JOURNAL OF THE KANSAS MEDICAL SOCIETY cs of Infantile Communicating Hydrocephalus. The catheter was used "hindi" for the first few days only. In the country parishes these conditions are too uniform to affect the figures.

X-ray shows constriction along the transverse colon. ? summer meeting in Savannah was accepted. It is this harassment and continued feeling of personal involvement and the perpetual anxiety, quite as much as overwork, that wears down the health and shortens the life of many physicians. He had no desire for food and had a diarrhea; any food, milk, or medicine was vomited about half an hour after ingestion (effect). Traumatism to the mucous membrane as the result of counterirritants, the inhalation of hot steam, or the removal of a foreign body from the nose may be conducive to the formation of a membrane, which, to a certain extent, simulates that occurring in nasal diphtheria. Prophylactic: There is none, for how can we prevent something we know nothing of.

In a university the psychiatrist "syrup" has to work with a variety of other academic disciplines and has the opportunity to represent the psychiatric viewpoint in several areas within the general education process.

In general, it has yielded little benefit that could not have teen obtained by other means: tablet. Here, the committee consists of two members of in the Blue Shield Executive Committee and one other appointed physician The parallel between the kinds of cases which need discussion is striking.

Besides the regrets and harsh criticism your neglect would surely generate, a suit for damages might follow if the patient should get smallpox while awaiting the fulfillment of your promise. I'ourtli, diminished toxicity, with less reaction. Traite de Matiere Medicale, et de Therapeutique appliquee IV. The true plan is to watch the intercurrent inflammation or irritation, and take blood topically, and in this way many cases would be in a In the remarks on purjratives and diuretics, no mention is made o( culchirum, which is a most valuable adjunct to both, acting as it does, both as a j)owerful cholologue, ami an eliminator of urea. Their life becomes at once the most strenuous and the most monotonous in existence. When a person is declared dead, and i; really so, it does not mean that all his organs are individually dead: the great majority of them could be be understood side as the result of the harmonious autoviatic work of the organs constituting the body. Large doses of potassium citrate, or citric acid, should be given; a solution of thirty to forty grains of citrate to two drachms of ammonium acetate every three to four hours, not only causes a lowering of temperature in the reactionary fever, but will cau-e increased action of the skin and of the kidneys, and therefore an increased elimination of the toxines.

The globular shape which tile white corpuscles often assume does not appear after the addition of nicotine, but the protoplasm remains without change in the condition in which it appeared when motion was suspended.


The physician needs a clear head and a kind heart; hi work is arduoas and complex, requiring the exercise of the very Iiighest faculties of the mind, while constantly appealing to the emotions and finer feelings.

Here is a medical gentleman, not likely to be mistaken in his own case; he is seen by a number of surgeons perfectly conversant with aneurism, and the nature of his disease is fully recognized; he is subjected to a particular line of treatment for twenty days, becomes impatient under the pain, gets up and resumes his avocations; not only does not pursue any measures that might possibly f'avour a recovery, but adopts habits of a directly con trary nature, taking long walks, and using a great deal of exercise, and tlie disease disappears notwithstanding.

The iejununi is also pulled down in a straight line, and produces a sharji angle with result, ulceration of the duodenum, cholecystitis, and chronic pancreatitis, which, he says, are regularly found in operation on the subjects of intestinal stasis (price).

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